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10 Qualities of a Great Leader| Jersey City CoWorking Space | WorkSocial

March 8, 2017 By WorkSocial Editorial

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How a Mindset of Contribution Created Success at WorkSocial

WorkSocial’s concept is simple: working together through collaboration and community.
We launched in 2005, and since then we have created a shared office environment that is specifically there to stimulate the financial and intellectual growth of budding and experienced entrepreneurs alike. Our founder, Natasha Mohan, believes heavily in contribution and leadership. Because of her passion, she could start a company that promotes contribution, growth, and opportunity through her leadership.

What 10 Qualities Does Every Great Leader Have?

  1. Focus: A good leader concentrates on the major things; not the minor items. They have selective ignorance that helps them focus on what matters.
  2. Empathy: Great leaders are those who praise in public and private. WorkSocial is designed specifically to foster long-term success of those renting coworking and collaborative spaces.
  3. Inspiration: WorkSocial’s story is one of an entrepreneur ready to live the American Dream. Mohan used her creativity to find an opportunity. Because she was willing to branch out and explore something new, she could make WorkSocial the company it is today.
  4. Support: The best leaders are those who are there to help their staff and others in their field. They are there to educate new entrepreneurs, guide employees, and motivate. WorkSocial is all about support, which is why we have shared office spaces and conference rooms that offer companies the supportive services they need.
  5. Responsibility: Ready to take your business concept to reality? By taking responsibility of your business ideas and moving forward, you are already on the path to extraordinary leadership.
  6. Communication: Leaders are communicators. They can deliver their message to team members, vendors, and business contacts alike. You can foster your communication skills through a community working environment, such as renting space at WorkSocial.
  7. Confidence: Leaders must display confidence always. Finding your confidence with a new business venture is never easy, but when like-minded professionals surround you, you find that your confidence increases much faster than working alone.
  8. Honesty: Strong leaders are those that treat others as they want to be treated. They look at their competition, employees, and vendors as part of the community. They are honest, straightforward, and always practice business with an excellent code of ethics.
  9. Intuition: To lead, you must be willing to dive into those uncharted waters and find the way. Trust your intuition and draw on experiences to guide you.
  10. Commitment: WorkSocial has become one of the most desired collaborative spaces because of our commitment to improving every entrepreneur. A company will only succeed if its leader is committed to that success.