Classroom Style Meeting Venues

The classroom style is something everyone will be familiar with. Training workshops that use this style will benefit from around three times more space for every person than a conference room style setup. The style allows people to sit behind tables, which is perfect for note taking and learning.

With a table and chair for everybody – and with all chairs pointing towards the front of the room – a person can deliver a lecture or a class to the entire room. Everyone will have clear view of the front, plenty of room, and the chance to raise their hand and ask questions if need be.

Pod Style Training Venues

Jersey City Training Rooms for Corporate Events

A pod style setup is perfect for when your team needs to communicate. This setup includes using multiple tables with chairs all around. Attendees will not all be facing the same direction, making it difficult to give a speech – however, this is ideal for small groups of people to work together on individual projects.

At worksocial, we have training rooms in Jersey City that embrace this style, with computers, comfortable chairs, and sizable tables that can be moved around any way you like.

Convenient Training Rooms in Jersey City

worksocial makes finding the perfect training room easy. We can accommodate pod style, conference style, and classroom style setups. We have rooms of varying sizes, ensuring large and small groups alike have the room and facilities they need to learn and engage. On top of our great facilities, we offer competitive prices and flexibility all year round.