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5 Benefits Provided by a Virtual Office | WorkSocial

November 23, 2017 By WorkSocial Editorial

We live in a world where advanced technology allows us the opportunity to communicate, work, and flourish remotely. The ability to work from home or manage a successful business without a physical office is a fantastic development in the business world because it comes with some unexpected benefits. Reducing overhead and increasing productivity are two of these incredible perks, but there are also a few downfalls to doing away with a physical space altogether.
While all companies – both large and small – strive to run a lean and efficient business, the lack of a physical office building isn’t without its drawbacks. For the most critical of business meetings, having a physical space in which to convene can yield significant benefits in your company’s perceived level of professionalism with clients. It can also contribute to more fluid communication between employees and the establishment of a “company culture.”
Enter virtual office providers like WorkSocialWorkSocial is leading the charge in shared office spaces by providing customized packages that give your business access to a remote work environment with private meeting rooms, printing, secure access, and reception.
Check out some of the great benefits of utilizing a virtual office provider below!

1. Less Overhead

Virtual offices are far less expensive than owning or renting a permanent space. Without the many costs typically associated with brick-and-mortar businesses (utilities, hardware, insurance, etc.) your budget can be redirected to focus on what’s most important to your business. Do you want to invest in your team or spend more on marketing and branding? A virtual office can help you meet those goals by freeing up a big chunk of your budget.

2. Flexibility

Yes, working in a fully virtual office offers you the freedom to work from home or from the nearest Starbucks, but having access to a remote work environment increases the ways in which you can conduct your business. It creates a physical presence for your company, is supported by its own staff, and gives employees the flexibility to come and go as necessary. Work anywhere, anytime, and still have access to a beautiful conference room!

3. Real Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is a major part of many businesses. WorkSocial can provide you with a remote work environment to meet with your clients in-person or provide answering services that will ensure your calls are handled professionally. In any case, your business will benefit from the ability to connect with clients in a professional setting whenever you need.

4. Increased Productivity

Studies have revealed that businesses using virtual offices are experiencing increased productivity. By providing answering services and basic administrative functions WorkSocial can help you and your staff focus on important projects and primary business matters. Also, because many employees report being happier in a remote work environment you can ensure that greater personal progress will be made while a central location keeps your whole team connected.

5. Freedom to Expand  

Because your office is not confined to an established, permanent space you actually have a greater opportunity to expand your business. You do not have to worry about maximum occupancy when most of your staff works remotely and so you can feel free to hire and grow without feeling limited by your physical resources. Virtual office solutions like those offered by WorkSocial can promote growth in your company because it helps you free up your resources to pursue continued growth.

Each of these benefits can help you create a more productive business. WorkSocial is pleased to offer premium office solutions in customizable packages at great prices with great options for savings. We provide solutions for large corporations and small start-ups. If you would like to learn more about our Virtual Office packages, please contact us.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Having A Virtual Office


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