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5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your First U.S. Office

June 24, 2016 By david

The atmosphere you work in serves as the foundation of your success, especially when it comes to expanding into the U.S. market from overseas. You want to find the right balance of diversity, cost-effectiveness, and accessibility to align with your business and service line. Budget aside, there are several factors you should consider before settling on an office space, including:


Whether your company consists of a handful or hundreds of employees, choosing a centrally located office can be a key motivator for your team. Also consider convenience: How close is the nearest coffee shop? Are there good lunch spots nearby? How about places to go for a walk when you need some fresh air? These things all contribute both to the level of happiness your current staff has, and to the allure that new recruits are drawn to when deciding where to work.


Sunk costs for moving, utilities, and insurance are only the beginning. The unexpected hard costs of moving into a new space are often accompanied by capital expenditures that can significantly inflate the original price point and slow growth. A common choice to avoid these costs is a shared office provider that will absorb them for you and eliminate the burden of hefty broker fees. Usually the costs are low, and you only pay for what you use.

Brand and Culture

How the world sees you is important. If your brand is about creativity, collaboration or innovation, a shared office might again be the answer. These types of spaces provide open working areas and foster a healthy work-life balance, compared to traditional offices that lack energy and enthusiasm.


When you walked through the door, did you identify with the layout of the space? Did the colors spark an idea? Did everything come into vision? At the end of the day (or actually, in the beginning and during the day as well) you should feel connected to where you work. Whether that means having a Thursday night team happy hour, going for a jog, or simply knowing you have access to reliable public transit to and from work, seek an office that enables you to connect with yourself, your team, and the community around you.


Major cities tend to have a high cost of living, in large part because of things like income, sales, and property taxes. Did you know that the business taxes in Jersey City, NJ are significantly more forgiving than those in New York City? Even though the two are only separated by the Hudson River.
Centrally located offices always carry a premium. However, state credits and incentives can help fund such decisions. The team at WorkSocial can show you how a strategic move to New Jersey can be self-funding


Need help choosing the right Jersey City shared office space for your overseas company? Look no further than WorkSocial. We’re located in the heart of downtown JC, steps from every mode of transit to NYC, with every amenity you want in your workday. Give us a call at 201-293-7475 to schedule a free tour!

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