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5 Ways Flexible Meeting Spaces Can Grow Your Business Meeting Spaces New York

March 23, 2017 By

Creativity is not just something for an artistic-driven business

Small businesses and entrepreneurs need creative solutions.  Especially when it comes to developing a network and strengthening their business. A flexible meeting space at a coworking space achieves just that.
What is a Flexible Meeting Space?
Clients, employees, and entrepreneurs are all adapting to the fast pace of the world. Groups have different objectives, work styles, and goals. The traditional conference rooms from ten years ago are suffocating for the workforce and entrepreneurs of today.  CoWorking Spaces like WorkSocial offer Flexible spaces.  They accommodate the regular meeting needs, such as client meetings.  They also offer dynamic formats and give conference room participants the option of rearranging the room to suit their needs that day. The room essentially is reconfigurable to its user.

5 Key Benefits to Using Flexible Meeting Spaces

1. Networking Opportunities: When you are locked away in a traditional office space, you do not have the opportunity to meet new people who could be future clients or prospective vendors. Coworking spaces are rich in networking opportunities. They put you next to professionals that provide you with insight, can help grow your business venture, and even partner to create a stronger business.
2. Professionalism: If you are a startup, it is important that you project a level of professionalism to potential clients. Having conference rooms available to rent when you need them, and for how long you need them, gives you a space to pitch your services and still have that level of professionalism you need to impress someone.
3. Lower Costs: If your new business were to purchase or rent a site with its conference room and workspace, you could spend thousands per month. With rented coworking office space in Jersey City from WorkSocial, you get as much space as you need and access to multiple conference facilities when you need them without the same overhead. That means more revenue goes back into your business for growth and opportunity.
4. Establishing Satellite Locations: Before your business officially opens a new office, you need a satellite location in your target area. CoWorking space from WorkSocial provides flexible meeting and conference rooms, office space for satellite staff, and all without the hassles of a long-term commercial lease.
5. Book as Long as You Need: The biggest benefit to flexible meeting spaces is that you can host a client meeting, webinar or breakout session in a professional conference room for as long as you need. Conference rooms at WorkSocial are 100 percent flexible. Book it by the hour, book it for the day, or book it for that entire week you and your team need to collaborate on the next big project.

Bottom Line: Flexibility Brings Innovation, Savings, and Possibilities

When you save on costs, have access to the technology and space you need, and create a network, your business is already well on its way to bigger and better things.

Take a tour of your options at WorkSocial today by calling us at (201) 293-7475.


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