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6 Ways WorkSocial Coworking Spaces Will Transform Your Business in 2018

September 28, 2017 By

How WorkSocial Coworking Spaces Will Transform Business

Coworking Spaces for Rent
New startups are showing up all across Jersey City. On top of that, the freelance workforce is growing like never before. Because of this, office spaces are taking on a new form called coworking.

We’ve all heard of multi-billion dollar businesses that grew their roots in garages or college dorms. However, a lot of small business owners and freelancers want a space that’s somewhere between a garage and an expensive office downtown.
Welcome to coworking spaces.
They allow several businesses to work out of a central location. There are many benefits to this, which we’ll cover in the next few minutes.
Once you see how awesome this idea is, WorkSocial coworking spaces have you covered in Jersey City.
Now, let’s have a look.

1. Lower Your Office Costs

This is a huge benefit of sharing office space. Renting office space on your own can cost several thousand dollars a month.
In contrast, shared spaces can cost only a few hundred dollars per month.
When your business is comprised of only you or a handful of employees, it doesn’t make sense to rent an entire office.
Coworking is the way to go.

2. Work Without Distraction

Working on a living room couch with children around is full of constant distractions. For a lot of small business owners or freelancers, it just doesn’t work.
A busy environment at home is distracting and keeps you from getting business done.
When you want to work in peace, you need a dedicated coworking space where you can collaborate with employees without life getting in the way.

3. Peer Pressure That Drives You

Peer pressure isn’t always a bad thing. It can be good when it lights your competitive spirit and makes you aim for success.
In shared workspaces, you’ll feel a certain pressure pretty much every day.
When you look across the room and spot a rising technology company, you’ll be inspired by their success and want to emulate it.

4. Networking Opportunites

Renting from WorkSocial gives you ample opportunities to network.
The neighbor sitting across from you might hand you your next huge client.
Say you need a web designer for a complete website re-vamp. She might be sitting a few desks from you and fit perfectly into your budget.

5. Coworking is Good for Work Life Balance

Have you ever worked a 12 hour day from home and at 10 pm had your next big project staring you directly in the face?
No fun.
When you keep work out of your home, you’ll live a more fulfilling home life away from work stresses.
Leave your work back at the office and enjoy time with friends or family.

6. Find the Next Big Thing

Healthy competition is great when you share a workspace. But you could even find your next big venture.
Sometimes you’ll see a company working on a great idea but not executing it properly. You may have the skills and experience to get it done right.
Of course, sharing a workspace is not a license to steal other people’s ideas. But you never know what you might see and hear that could lead you to the next big thing.

WorkSocial Coworking in Jersey City

When you don’t want to work from home anymore but you’re ready for your own office space, WorkSocial is an amazing solution.
Get in touch with us today and find out what a shared workspace can do for your business.
We look forward to talking!

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