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The 7 Benefits of Co-Working Spaces Over Traditional Offices

October 7, 2017 By WorkSocial Editorial

Remote and coworking culture
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It’s time to say goodbye to idea-killing cubicles and stuffy traditional office spaces. Due to the advent of co-working spaces, these stale environments are becoming a thing of the past.
A new player in town has arrived. Co-working spaces are the new alternative to the old office that nobody likes commuting to every day.
Gone are the harsh “Office Space”-like fluorescent lighting and stale lunchrooms. These new spaces feature hammocks and beanbag chairs instead.
They allow small businesses to share space with other small businesses at a fraction of the cost of traditional offices, and also infuse youth and life into the boring constructs of the past.
You and everyone who works for you can benefit from the unique aspects of modern co-working spaces. Let’s look at the 7 top benefits of taking your business into one of these shared spaces.
It’s a decision you won’t regret.

1. Community Collaboration

A great co-working space promotes a social atmosphere.
Typically, you’ll be working with and around people and companies specializing in a wide array of fields. Because of this, you’ll have constant access to other talented professionals who could potentially benefit your business in some way.
Within this network, you’ll have the ability to collaborate and expand opportunities.
This just isn’t the case with traditional office settings or working from home.
Within co-working spaces, you’ll get to know dynamic people who are just as driven as you. Just don’t be afraid to get to know them!

2. More Freedom

A shared space may declare general administrative hours of 8-5, or something similar. However, it’s not like you’re required to be in the office for the entirety of those times.
In a co-working space, you can come and go as you please. You’ll have total freedom.
Want to show up at noon and start your day then? No problem. Do what’s most convenient for you.
In some cases, you may require special access keys or permissions. But you’ll know all this up-front before you start renting.
Co-working spaces make it easy for you to work within whatever schedule you choose. You also have a much higher mobility level in a shared office space.
Don’t want to commit to an entire year of a traditional office space? A co-working space is the way to go.
In most cases, rental plans are month-to-month. This makes it easier for you to work into your budget without committing long-term.

3. Great for Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

If you’re a small company or working as a freelancer or entrepreneur, a co-working space can’t be beat.
The second you step in, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded professionals who can inspire and motivate you. They also have skills and resources you might not be connected to.
In addition, you don’t need to work alone anymore. Most freelancers miss the social aspect of working around other people. This solves that problem.
When you work in a high-energy shared space, you won’t feel so isolated. If you have days where you need a secluded place to work, book one of the private rooms available.
You’ll be able to focus in peace until the job’s done.

4. Share Resources

In a shared workspace, you won’t need to deal with minute details of running your office. Essentials like printers, projectors, scanners, monitors, cleaning supplies and even coffee are included when you join.
You also won’t need administrative staff. Typically there’s a talented administrative assistant there to man the front desk.

5. Time to Get Things Done

You might think that a co-working space is loud and distracting. Maybe you won’t be able to focus on work.
In reality, the opposite is true.
When you look around the office, you’ll see other high-level professionals hard at work, focused on getting things done. This is very motivating to most people.
As a result, your productivity will go through the roof. Watching other people’s productivity will motivate you to keep hard at work for the duration of your day.
When you feel a part of something bigger than you, it drives you to new levels.

6. Get Involved in Activities You Would Have Otherwise Missed

The best co-working spaces promote a feeling of belonging and community among members.
You’ll have ample opportunity to network and mingle in group events and meetings. You’ll discover clubs to join and events that you wouldn’t have access to while working alone or from home.
It’s great to feel like a part of a team, even if the team isn’t directly involved with your company or venture.
Activities like BBQ’s, meet and greets and after-hour happy hours are a great way to meet new people and make new connections.
Not to mention, sometimes it’s great to just kick back and enjoy great company.

7. Excellent Locations

Nobody wants to be stuck in a strip mall office somewhere outside the city. Those don’t promote much in the way of creativity.
Co-working spaces, although a relatively new concept, are quickly taking hold because of their fun, dynamic nature and great locations.
As the trend progresses, old office spaces are going to become a thing of the past. After all, who wouldn’t rather work in a fun, progressive environment in the heart of the city?
They’re so cost-effective that it hardly makes sense to rent traditional offices anymore.
There are few environments that can offer such a unique ability to bring like-minded people together to learn and collaborate with each other.
They’re popping up all over urban areas where demand for office space is high.
As an entrepreneur, freelancer or small business, it’s time leave the home office or traditional office in the dust. Once you enter a co-working space you’ll know immediately what you’ve been missing out on.
WorkSocial offers the premier co-working spaces in the heart of Jersey City. You really need to experience them for yourself to see what we’re talking about.

Experience Co-Working Spaces for Yourself

With all the benefits of co-working, it’s almost a no-brainer to transition your office into one.
If you’re in the Jersey City area and find this idea as exciting as we do, reach out to us today and let’s talk.
It might be the best professional move you’ve made in years.
See you soon!

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