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7 Ways to Keep Your Meetings Productive

March 21, 2017 By

Meetings should be fun, engaging, and never a waste of time. If your staff walks out of their monthly meeting or weekly get-together unimpressed and disappointed, then you didn’t do your job. The traditional, “Old School” designs of office spaces can often reduce office productivity, and those boring conference rooms may be the reason your meetings are inefficient.

7 Tips for a More Productive and Exciting Meeting

1. Do Away with Old Offices and Use Coworking Space Instead
The system of cubicles and individual offices is outdated. In fact, studies have shown that employees thrive in a coworking environment. When people work side-by-side throughout the day, the need for endless meetings to discuss every minute detail is no longer needed. After all, your accountant is sitting a table over, and the marketing director just heard your conversation about increasing advertisements.
2. Deploy Ergonomic Chairs
Ergonomic chairs support employees, but also keep them alert. They reduce the likelihood of injuries, slouching, and ensure everyone is paying attention.
3. Get a Good View
Make a meeting fun with a view. When you have office space in Jersey City from WorkSocial, our conference rooms overlook the New York City skyline — the perfect backdrop for any meeting.
4. Supply the Supplies
Instead of worrying about the person that does not have a pen, or employees showing up late because they need to grab their notepads, have everything staff would require at the meeting for them. It eliminates the time wasted by employees gathering what they need, but also eliminates any issue of someone having to “pause” just to grab their portfolio.
5. Utilize Technology
A conference room equipped with presentation equipment makes for a more efficient meeting. Not only do you save yourself the hassles of setting it up, but meeting rooms that come equipped with televisions and projection equipment, like those at WorkSocial, are all part of the package price.
6. Be Flexible with Employee Engagement
If you have an open office space, you can be more flexible with who listens in on group meetings and who doesn’t. Instead of calling an official meeting, you can announce to your workgroup what you will be discussing and then let employees decide if they need to attend or not. Then, send out a follow-up email to staff letting them know the bullet points of what was discussed. That way those who chose not to attend are still caught up.
7. Decrease Fatigue
Tired employees are not focused employees. Studies have shown that 68 percent of employees in shared office spaces can focus better. Also, 60 percent were more relaxed at home when they were off work, which means they get their necessary rest, feel better, and return to work motivated.
Forgo Traditional and Opt for a Vibrant, Inspiring Office Space
For your next meeting, deploy these hacks for a more efficient time, but also take a tour of the options available at WorkSocial. From coworking space for your team to conference rooms dedicated to comfort and technology, we have everything you need to succeed at your next meeting.
Schedule your tour today by calling us at 201-293-7475.


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