Our Mission

To create a movement driven by the fundamental spirit of entrepreneurship. Our mission is to connect the world of entrepreneurs.

We dream to create a world of abundant .  Our mission is to destroy scarcity through happiness, wellness, leadership love and self-care. To keep doing what we do we much act in alignment to our values and our code of conduct.

Our obsession is to create moments that that matter through our Power Virtues of “I AM…”

Power Virtues evolve as we evolve. For now they are:

“I am Love”
“I am grateful”
“I am caring”

Colleagues Discussing in the Meeting

Our Purpose

We decided to become entrepreneurs because we want our life’s work to be meaningful.


Our belief is, your work should always make you happy. It’s our goal to ensure that you’ve got the space and time to create work that makes you proud. We are invested in creating healthy and happy entrepreneurs who understand the importance of a healthy mindset.

After all, happiness & lifestyles create growth.

Every moment at WorkSocial is to create lasting change in our community by bringing happiness, health and creativity into our workspaces.

Our Team

Our Culture

Our Credentials

We would love to self aggrandize and show-off.  We can also tell you about some of the services we offer, for instance:

  • 100GB  Managed network speed
  • 99.99% up-time
  • UPS enabled POE on each internet jack
  • 24×7 Access
  • Free & healthy drinks, meals and snacks

That just seems so egotistical.

So instead here is a list of the impact we have created;

Value Creation: 3 of our clients have hit the 1B mark with our support

Contribution: Fight hunger, we have donated over 50,000 so far in 2019 our goal is to feed 100,000

Jersey Proud: We love our community. We bring global clients to experience the local Jersey City fare

Minority and Woman Owned Enterprise: We are the ONLY minority and women owned, operated and funded coworking space in America

Our Values: Bring out the best in people through love

Our Home

Our Services