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Additional Reasons Why You Should Hold Your Meetings Off-Site

July 23, 2018 By WorkSocial Editorial

Most businesses have at least one conference room on site for conducting meetings. However, more companies of all sizes are choosing to hold their meetings off-site. These could be traditional staff meetings, brainstorming/planning meetings, or important meetings with business partners. Either way, there are many benefits that companies stand to gain by taking their meetings to an off-site location. If you are still hosting meetings at your company, here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider using an off-site conference room for your next company meeting.

Get a Fresh Perspective with Meetings Off-Site

One of the primary benefits of hosting planning meetings off-site is the fresh perspective a new location can provide. Being in the same space everyday can sometimes be stifling, and can make it difficult to think of new ideas. Taking meetings to a new location can help to boost creativity. It can also improve the brainstorming process overall, particularly since the new space would be dedicated for a specific task. It would not include all of the distractions that the office can provide.

Ditch Distractions

Another benefit of taking meetings off-site is that you can remove the distractions in the office. It can be difficult to conduct a successful meeting and take care of business if there is the potentiality that you will be constantly interrupted by fellow coworkers and telephone calls. These distractions can interrupt the flow of a meeting making it difficult to be productive. Additionally, an in-office meeting can provide tempting distractions. This could be coworkers walking by who you may want to talk to. It could also be other projects that you may be working on. An off-site meeting will allow you to focus fully on the task at hand. By removing these distractions, which can help to boost overall productivity.

Take Advantage of New Technology

Unless you have recently remodeled your company’s conference room, then it is unlikely that your meeting spaces are equipped with the latest technology. However, off-site conference spaces upgrade their technology frequently. This ensures that you have access to the best tools to boost creativity during brainstorming sessions. This will also allow you to give modern, engaging presentations that will help you to make the most out of any meeting.

Boost Team Morale

By choosing to have meetings at an off-site location you can also help to boost team morale. Working in the same place every day can cause people to start feeling burnt-out and unmotivated, which can stifle creativity and productivity. While an off-site meeting will still take place in a conference room, experiencing a new location can help to boost morale and make everyone more motivated simply by having a change of scenery. Many businesses also choose to try to boost morale further by having lunch catered during off-site meetings.

Team Building

Another great reason to host your meetings off-site is that this provides a great opportunity for you and your employees to participate in team building activities and develop camaraderie within the group. Facing the challenges of familiarizing yourself with a new location and spending time together outside of the distracting office environment can help your team to bond. This can help them to work better together, improving efficiency and productivity.

Additional Work Space 

You should also consider moving your meetings to an off-site space if your company has grown too large for your current meeting spaces. If you have found that meetings have become miserable because everyone feels squished and some people even have to stand, then it is time to move your meetings elsewhere. An off-site conference space will provide you with the room you need to spread out and maximize productivity during meetings. In fact, at WorkSocial we provide meeting spaces that can hold anywhere from 4-40 people, giving you the flexibility to choose the space that best meets your needs.
Contact us to learn more about the benefits that hosting your meetings off-site could bring to your company.

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