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The platform to your purpose could probably be at a coworking space

March 16, 2017 By

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The sharing economy is driving the development of coworking and shared office spaces.

The idea for most is to provide networking and collaboration to freelancers and entrepreneurs.  The free agent nation is becoming  the new norm.  So when I decided to enter the Shared Office Space business the decision was not about where the location should or should not be.  Or if to open a Shared Office Space or not.  The conversation I had, largely with myself, was WHY to open a Shared Office.

While there is a compelling back story to WorkSocial, which “I don’t talk about.”  A bit of a healing scar on my soul  caused by a competitor in the area and a colluding landlord.  But that truth should get in the way of an important story.

So there I was, rationalizing the Why of my new journey. What it came down to was my desire to make a change in people’s life by serving the people in my community.

A change that started at home.  Watching my husband living a life of service. Coming home exhausted, from his commute from work.  A change that continued, into my day as a working mother wanting to be there for my kids but not being able to.  A change that ended, my desire of standing for something bigger than a google search of a shared office space in Jersey City.

 It is then I came to the realization that what I wanted to open was a business that took Wellness, Happiness and Leadership and integrated into everyone’s day.  And with that realization I started my journey on purpose. 

It is on that journey I learned the first lesson on entrepreneurship.  There are no shortcuts!

The road on purpose is designed to be steep with many a bump not only to bruise an ego or two but to teach that purpose was about the journey and contribution.  I started to show up ready to make a difference in the life of my clients, and the word got around, taking me to the second lesson on entrepreneurship.  

We are all entrepreneurs.  To understand this “new” entrepreneurship paradigm I had to look beyond my influencers who were driven not to be the next Mark Zuckerberg or Oprah Winfrey,  But were driven all the same.  Driven to make a change in things around them that did not make sense, and like our founding fathers I said F** it I am doing this differently to move forward.  And as I started to move forward I realized that the New Entrepreneur was not about Money.  This took me to the Third Lesson of Entrepreneurship, Purpose.

The story about how much you care will never show up on a financial statement, but at the end will be the only thing that will matter. The story that you stood for the impact without worrying about how much credit you received will get you to the new bottom line of Purpose. A concept deeply embodied in the work we are doing here at WorkSocial.


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