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How Coworking Spaces are Driving Growthaffordable coworking office space nyc

March 7, 2017 By WorkSocial Editorial

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CoWorking spaces help you thrive.  They provide you with personal, professional, and communapportunities.  Whether you work at home and you are looking for a new space, or you are considering moving your company to CoWorking environments, there are a few compelling reasons to do so.People Naturally Enjoy Coworking Spaces
People typically enjoy a sense of community. You do not have to be a social person to get the public benefits either. In fact, just being surrounded by others can improve your social outlook and give you that sense of support; regardless of how often you chat up the neighbors.
Coworking Spaces Offer Natural Networking Opportunities
Look around you, and you will quickly see the networking opportunities in a coworking environment.
You have people from different backgrounds, and some may have companies that benefit you in supply, reference, or another aspect.
Collaboration is Surrounding You
You have like-minded entrepreneurs nearby that you can bounce ideas off, get help, and even form professional relationships.
You are in a Nurturing Environment
When renting a coworking space, you are in a supportive environment because there are other entrepreneurs just like you going through the same hurdles.
You Have Opportunities to Learn Something New
You are surrounded by people that know something and can share that knowledge with you. Many coworking environments also have events, which teach you something new.
Less Overhead, More Shared Costs, Increased Profits for You
Renting coworking spaces (even temporarily) means less overhead than a long-term leased office space. When you share costs and lower overhead, you boost your profit margins.
A Better Work-Life Balance
Finding a work-life balance is hard when your work and life are in the same spot. Coworking helps separate home life from work life.
Boosted Productivity
Working from home means working through the distractions. Coworking spaces provide you with a work environment outside of the home, but you are also surrounded by others who are staying on task, encouraging you to do the same.
A Better Work Mindset
Surrounding yourself with people that inspire you helps you grow professionally and personally. Communal office spaces foster success because like-minded entrepreneurs surround you ready to succeed.
Your Work Becomes Meaningful
You want to enjoy your job, because enjoying what you do naturally improves your outlook. Per the Harvard Business Review, people working in coworking spaces rate their satisfaction at work at a six out of a seven-point scale.


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