Why do Big business moves into coworking spaces?

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Coworking is the future, big businesses want a piece of it. Corporate employees are swapping suits for jeans and occupying desks at co-working spaces, traditionally a refuge for freelancers, start-ups and workers in the creative sectors seeking companionship and the use of a photocopier. In tandem, coworking boutiques have emerged, offering slick operations. The exemplar is WorkSocial, with more than 10,000 square feet and 100 Members from 20 cities in eight countries. Privately owned, it is home to big-name clients including Uber, BASF, Virtusa + Polaris.

It primary competitor Regus, the property company, offers co-working in more than half its 2,800 locations around the world and has openings planned for Los Angeles, Boston, Delhi and Singapore. The WorkSocial reports that global clients are buying co-working memberships. The appeal for blue-chip employees is clear: the vibe is cool, working alongside energetic start-ups and techies.  We have created an alternative to the “Work at Home” option and Ditch the Commute Paradigm. 

Our work spaces come with the perks that young tech workers expect with their paycheques — pool tables, bowls of sweets, quirky furniture. We have occasional indulgences of beer, giant fishbowls mixed sweets. While coworking companies sell themselves on fostering community, WorkSocial serves the mature business. 

We host events on work-life balance, alongside talks, support product launches and drop-in sessions with angel investors.  Our mentors are some of the best in the world.  Names like Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, Robin Sharma, Simon Sinek and More are working with us to create a platform for learning and self improvement.

Some of the other Tangibles

  • Daily high-energy snacks
  • Music induced water crystallized for good
  • Healthy snacks
  • On premise masseuse
  •  Activities to focus on Mindfullnes

WorkSocial has a mix of the open-plan floor for hot-deskers and freelancers. James X, a former banker turned actuary, is based in NJ, Works from his private suite in WorkSocial.  He walks to work, which is enjoys the water views and strolls home.  “No point riding the desk by riding the train for 45 minutes.”  I save 2 hours a day of ENERGY.   an office desk, corporate office rental, for rent office new jersey, lease a office space

“It is a world away from his HQs sterile corporate headquarters in banker central, Canary Wharf. His small team of young employees works with tech start-ups. In open neck shirt and trousers, he says that for him, the beauty of being at this location is being able to build relationships with young startups.  “I have invested in some of them”

“I have to be in­volved right from the beginning. Because when they do start to scale up very quickly, it’s almost too late.” He adds: “If they’ve been going for three years, you can’t all of a sudden put up your hand when they’re big and famous and say, ‘OK, we want to work with you’. It’s too late.” Much of his work is informal mentoring. “We meet a lot of people who are just getting going and they’re looking for a little bit of [advice]”.

There is also the advantages of WorkSocial

“I wanted to know how to register a company. Within minutes Natasha Mohan the founder had my incorporation in place, federal registration and banking in place.” Says a WorkSocial Member who asked not be identified. 

Most start-ups’ question fundraising, he says. I have raised more money through the relationships at WorkSocial.  Its not a coworking its my place of work. 

WorkSocial is The future of work?

The entrepreneurs have been resistant to office space – WorkSocial solves that problem. However, the change in their attitude is seen when they see the benefits of free stuff like coffee, food, snacks and networking

WorkSocial | A Happiness Company

“Entrepreneurs-ups are very happy to get as much as they can for free.” This is not altruism. Our Mission is to bring moments of happiness into work.  We are starting from the Office Space. 

WorkSocial is not about coworking or shared office space rental. It is a movement towards happiness

Everything we do at WorkSocial is about creating happiness through momentum.  Our goal is to move everyone forward. We know that we are game changers in the industry.  We strive to make a contribution into people’s lives.  We Help people ellevate and get ahead.  They in turn help others move forward.  

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