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Bringing A Mindset of Abundance with CoWorking and Shared Offices | WorkSocial

February 8, 2017 By

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Today, more people work from home or coffee shops than ever before. The remote workforce has boomed in recent years, and platforms like Fast Company are reporting that more than 50% of workers will be remote by 2020.
While remote work is a fantastic option, it can get lonely, and many freelancers, startup founders, and independent contractors know the feeling of stagnation that can set in when you spend all your time working alone, in a tiny home office, or from a coffee shop.
Fortunately, there’s an exciting new answer for creatives in and around the Jersey City area: WorkSocial. WorkSocial is an innovative new collaborative and coworking space designed to give remote workers and creative teams the space they need to increase their output, feel more engaged, connect with like-minded people, and enjoy more abundance during the workday.
Here’s what you need to know.

What is WorkSocial?

Located just steps from Newport PATH, WorkSocial offers a prestigious address right on the banks of the Hudson River, and just minutes from the Holland Tunnel. Step into the offices and you’ll immediately find that they’re unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.
A large, collaborative space designed by Steel Case, WorkSocial offers conference rooms that seat 6-40 people, ergonomic furniture, telephones, televisions, ultra-high-speed internet, video conferencing capabilities, on-site print, scan, copy, and fax, and more.
Available to you 24/7, WorkSocial is the perfect place to host meetings, work collaboratively with other teams, or just enjoy a change of pace from your standard day-to-day routine.

A Mindset of Abundance: WorkSocial’s Vision

Here at WorkSocial, we believe that supporting the shifting face of the workforce is the best way to ensure that today’s innovators, creatives, and envelope-pushers have what they need to succeed. Through our expansive, modern, work-friendly offices, we’ve tried to create one thing: a mindset of abundance.
Come here to work, share, and cooperate, and you’ll find an environment that supports your mission at every turn. At WorkSocial, we value the people who are willing to be different, and our goal is to develop a curated space that helps you bring your most groundbreaking ideas to life.


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