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7 Tools to Complement Your Virtual Office Space

May 9, 2017 By

Virtual Office Space

Managing an office can be challenging, regardless of whether it’s a physical one or a virtual one. While a virtual office space provides plenty of value, you still need solid tools to help it function optimally. These tools enable your team to carry out day-to-day activities much more effectively and compliment your virtual office space.
For example, many virtual offices struggle to store important data in an easily-accessible fashion.
However, the costs of cloud storage services are plummeting. This means there has never been a better time to take advantage of opportunities like this.
This article will lay out 7 essential tools that your virtual office space needs in order to excel.
Keep reading if you want to find out how you can improve yours!

1. Web Conferencing Apps for Smooth Meetings

When you have a virtual office space, you still need to conduct meetings. This is especially the case if you employ several remote workers.
What’s the best way to conduct meetings in a virtual environment?
The answer is web conferencing applications.
Normally, these apps send out a link to a meeting via email. Then the other individuals click on the link, which takes them to a meeting room.
From there, you can speak to your team face-to-face using a webcam. You can also use slide presentations in order to simulate a real-world meeting.
These meeting rooms will also have your typical chat boxes, just in case you need to send anything through text.

2. Cloud Storage for Convenience and Protection

As mentioned before, cloud storage is becoming more inexpensive as time goes on. But it offers many more perks than that.
Cloud storage is ideal for giving your employees easy access to important files and documents. Employees can also drag and drop important files from their computers to the cloud.
Additionally, cloud storage will protect you if anything happens to your computer. You can back all of your files up beforehand and recoup lost data if necessary.
Many physical businesses spend a lot of money maintaining in-house servers. Those with virtual office spaces can simply skip the hassle and invest in the cloud.
Overall, cloud storage will protect you from unexpected disasters. Plus, it’s easy-to-use and provides employees with a quick way to manage and store files.

3. Virtual Phone Systems for Availability

When a person contacts you, they need someone to answer their questions. The problem is that you’re often busy and cannot answer the phone at all hours of the day.
This is where a virtual phone system comes into play.
This tool enables you to take a call when it’s an important client, or direct the call elsewhere. You can also set up a virtual menu system to help clients access important information on their own.
With this tool, you never have to worry about your client getting a busy signal again.
Virtual phone systems not only provide your business with availability, but they also make you seem a lot more professional.

4. Project Management Tools for Better Efficiency

If you work with others in your virtual office space, you will likely need to manage projects.
Project management tools make this job easy. Plus, you will have many options.
These tools allow you to track the progress of each portion of the project. Additionally, you can split people up into teams and provide specific directions that are always available.
The biggest benefit of these tools is that everyone working on the project will be on the same page. You can choose who conducts which task, as well as determine deadlines.
Since there are so many different project management tools to choose from, pick the one that has the best user interface for your needs.

5. Password Manager for Security

When you’re managing a virtual office space, you’ll likely have a long list of passwords to deal with. However, this can be dangerous.
Well, there are over 1.5 million cyber attacks per year. If you use the same password for all of your accounts, you put yourself and your business at risk.
This means that you’ll likely need a strong password manager that can help you store all your passwords. This tool will help make it easier for you to use a different password for each account or application.
Ideally, your passwords should have at least one number, one capital letter, and one special character in them, if the platform allows you. This makes it much more difficult for someone to guess them.

6. Collaboration Apps for Teamwork

When it comes to successful projects, collaboration is vital.
Most projects will require documents, slideshows, or drawings. This is why your virtual office space requires collaboration applications.
Google, for instance, has a free document application that is cloud-based. It allows multiple users to simultaneously edit a document. This is ideal for collaborating on a writing project or presentation.
There are also many brainstorming applications that are cloud-based as well. Tools like this will allow you to formulate ideas quicker and develop a plan.

7. Super-Fast Internet for Seamless Connectivity

In today’s business world, you will need super fast internet for your virtual office space.
Your daily to-do list has many tasks. It probably includes communicating with employees, sending emails, and streaming web conferences.
Some internet providers have specific plans suited for businesses. Make sure you avoid an internet plan that has data limits, as you may easily exceed these limits every month.
While a faster internet connection will increase your monthly expenses a bit, you will also see many benefits.
Upgrading your speed will pay off in the long-term, as you’ll notice yourself completing more work than in the past.
How fast should you go? That depends on how much bandwidth you use every day. However, modern internet speeds can go up to 1,000 megabits per second in some areas.

Final Thoughts on Tools for Your Virtual Office Space

You may feel that your office is running smoothly enough already. However, no matter how well your virtual office space functions right now, there is always room for improvement.
If you’re already using a few of the tools on this list, make sure you don’t neglect any pitfalls of your virtual environment. Even the smallest improvement from these tools could have a dramatically positive impact on your bottom line.
Remember, take advantage of the low costs of cloud services. Also, make sure your team uses effective collaboration apps.
If you would like more resources to maximize your virtual office, act now and contact WorkSocial today.


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7 Tools to Complement Your Virtual Office Space
Article Name
7 Tools to Complement Your Virtual Office Space
While a virtual office space provides plenty of value, you still need solid tools to help it function optimally. These tools enable your team to carry out day-to-day activities much more effectively and compliment your virtual office space.
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