Office Spaces that Deliver Happiness

George Washington said, “Happiness and moral duty are inseparably connected.” worksocial believes in the importance of connection, and is committed to helping visionaries fulfill the innate desire to build something bigger than themselves.

Executive Office Space to Connect to Purpose

In our coworking space, ‘Quiet’ rooms give you a chance to deepen your thoughts, while community yoga classes help you to stay grounded, centered and unstoppable.

Take a break

Just like rest is needed after a hard workout, recovery is essential after a high-stakes meeting or nerve-racking deadline. Keep your mind and body healthy in an atmosphere that encourages you to come and go as you please.

Love where you work

worksocial coworking shared office space is our emboldened and passionate response to the many poor working environments out there. Your space is designed to keep you focused yet relaxed, so you never lose sight of the passion that keeps you energized.

Connect with the worksocial community

We’re all about meeting new people, and hope you are, too. Grab a bite and chat with professionals from all walks of life at one of our “Lunch and Learn” events, and supercharge your motivation alongside the same new acquaintances in our leadership programs.

You never know when these new connections will inspire you to create something new, whether by yourself or with a fellow worksocial member.

Connect to a community and move forward

While our goal is to help you grow your connections, we happily share ours as well. More than just ‘office space’, between our extended network and the bustling, forward-thinking community of Downtown Jersey City, you will never be without a recommended person to call for a given business need.

Don’t you deserve to be truly connected?

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