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The Connection Economy – Part II

April 6, 2016 By WorkSocial Editorial

The Connection Economy – Part II

This blog is Part II of a multi-part blog related to the Connection Economy.  It is my Honor to bring it to you.  In Part I – I set up the premise of how we have moved from a production economy has ended and in the idea economy we need to create rather than produce.
The New Deal in the The Idea Economy
In the idea economy, there is a new promise.  Be afraid, take risks, and fail fast.  Under all circumstances you must ship.  In the idea economy, CPA’S like me ship blogs because we have something to say.  In the idea economy, my time, when I am not working, is dedicated to ideas and art.  In the idea economy, I can be anything I want, including an artist in the gym.  In the idea economy, the only thing I need to do is ship-for-free and accept returns.
Free Shipping & Returns
In the product economy, you needed an order to ship.  In the product you needed a buyer before you shipped.  In the product economy you found buyers for your product.  In the product economy if you followed the rules you got to keep your job.
In the idea economy, your work, your ideas and your art needs a platform and not a shipping address.  You do not get to decide who to ship to you just ship.  In the idea economy, you accepted returns.  In the idea economy when your art was returned, you create more art.  In the idea economy, you break the rules and the world calls you a heretic.  In the idea economy, the heretics come together and create movements like google, facebook and dropbox.  They ship their work for free and the world calls them, a Genius. 
You!…Are A Genius
This Morning I decided to write a blog. I have a huge presentation in a few hours – I need to focus. Instead, I chose to blog instead. My decision to work on my art instead of my presentation makes me an Artist. My willingness to say no to the normal, and, yes to my willingness to fail made me a Genius. What has made me Genius is my willingness to deliver ART
Everything I have done has been my initiative and made me A Genius. If it did not work out, it’s my mother’s fault.
Not writing more about this. You know what I am talking about.
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