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Corporate Training Budgets Are On the Rise!

August 15, 2018 By WorkSocial Editorial

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The single reason companies don’t scale exponentially is because of a training gap.
Businesses are trying to fix this problem by spending more on corporate training – costs are increasing in 2018-2019 by 20% to $110 billion.
But even with these increased budgets, many companies still making a big mistake: spending too much money on the corporate training space instead of the training itself.
Corporate training costs per employee
In many offsite corporate training programs, companies spend up to 50% on the location – that could be thousands of dollars on the hotel space alone.
You still need to worry about leadership education, sales training, customer service and technology.
At WorkSocial, you’ll get a comprehensive end-to-end managed training program for just $2,000.

World Class Trainers and World Class Training

The days of sitting in a conference room for hours while listening to a lecturer train your staff went out with CDs and VHS.
Today’s modern training sessions and trainers encourage interaction between the speaker and audience to allow discussion and input about various topics.

The training programs offered at WorkSocial can be catered to your specific business needs and goals.

They are designed to keep your participants engaged and motivated.

Engaging Environment for Participation and Collaboration

Did you know employees who attend collaborative and interactive training sessions generally rate these sessions as more informative than traditional training environments?
WorkSocial prides itself on developing training programs specifically for your business and employees.
We’ll integrate as many of the modern corporate training trends (gamification, virtual learning, mobile integration, etc.) as you want to ensure your employees stay engaged and focused.

State-of-the-Art Training Rooms

It doesn’t matter how thorough your training program is if your participants are stuck in a corporate training space with a layout that’s not conducive to learning.
WorkSocial has combined design with the science of learning to create the best training rooms in Jersey City.
Our rooms can be set up in any style from a conventional classroom or a collaborative and inviting space.
Plus, our rooms are equipped with the latest technology to allow for multimedia presentations and online interaction.

Key Questions to Consider for Your Corporate Training Program

Deciding on the right corporate training venue is an important decision. Training budgets are increasing, so naturally, companies want to get more out of their training programs.
Corporate training from WorkSocial is more cost-effective and productive for your business.
Here are three important questions to consider when selecting your corporate training space.

1. What are the Real Strategic Advantages of Training Planning and Delivery and How Can It Help Achieve Your Training Goals?

It makes sense to work with a company to come up with a custom training program catered to your specific training goals.
The immersion training programs at WorkSocial address multiple learning styles and tend to be the most productive for employee groups.
All of our trainings are made by people – for people – and are aimed and keeping participants engaged by offering a variety of interactive and audio/visual elements.

2. How can a Business Use Managed Services for Training Delivery, Reduce Costs, and Improve Performance?

With a Managed Services training solution, everything is handled for you.
WorkSocial implements a 3-step process to ensure your training meets or exceeds your expectations:

  • Over promising and then over delivering.
  • Ongoing one-on-one support from the moment you contact us until your training day.
  • Full transparency about program specifics and price. What you see is what you get.

3. How are Companies Securely Delivering Live Streaming Training to Remote Participants?

It’s no secret that more and more employees are working from home these days. In fact, a recent study found that 43% of participants spent at least some of their time working remotely.
WorkSocial is prepared to accommodate your remote workers by offering a dedicated on-site high-resolution camera man to operate a video feed for your online participants.
Our facility features 1 Gig internet speed, so you never have to worry about buffering or digital disruptions to your audio or video signal.
Plus, we’ll test your connections and technology before your training begins to avoid any last-minute surprises or delays.

WorkSocial Corporate Training Space Makes Sense for Your Business

When it comes down to finding your corporate training space for rent in New Jersey, money is everything.

You could go with a fancy hotel that will upcharge you on everything from the internet speed to the price of the soda offered with lunch.

Or you could go with the $2,000 option that gives you everything you need for one flat price.

Your employees – and your CFO – will thank you.

Are you ready to take your corporate training to the next level? Speak with a member of our team today about customized training options and programs best suited for your business.

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