Training Room for Rent in New Jersey

When it comes to training employees, clients, and other important business associates, it’s important you get it right first time.

And one of the key aspects of how successful your training session will be is the space in which you do it.

Too uninspiring, lackluster, and lacking in facilities and you’ll quickly lose your audience’s attention.

That’s where our team at WorkSocial can help.

Boasting training room solutions that are second to none, you can find a training room for rent in New Jersey that meets your company’s exacting needs and standards.

Why Choose Our Training Room for Rent in New Jersey?

To make sure you and your team get the most out of your training experience, we offer the largest corporate training room in Jersey City.

But that doesn’t mean it’s just one large corporate space filled with tables and chairs.

Rather, each training room booking is met with a fully tailored service that meets the individual needs of clients, guests, and employees. So whether it’s an interactive session that requires numerous props or it’s a formal meeting to discuss business projections, we can customize the space to suit your business’s individual needs.

Because we understand just how important training is for a company, we go above and beyond to create training facilities that provide a unique, motivating experience for all involved. And at every stage, our team will make sure you have everything you need to inspire, nurture, and impress your attendees.

Our training room for hire is designed to help you, your company, and your employees learn and grow.

The Advantages of Training Room Rental


Technology Equipment

A huge part of your training program will be the presentation itself. Sub-standard technology or poor presentations can wreak havoc on your training, quickly causing problems for the entire class.
Thankfully, we’ve thought about that too.
Within a WorkSocial room you’ll find all the training room technology you could need, including:
• [List of technology equipment].

And to keep your attendees rejuvenated, hydrated, and focused on the task at hand, we provide a wealth of amenities too – so you don’t have to. These include:
• [List of amenities.]

We will also, upon request, provide full catering services, which are ideal for lengthy seminars and training sessions. And with the exceptional quality of our food, it’s perfect for impressing guests, too! Our catering facilities include:
• [List of amenities.]

Ready to rent a training room? Contact us today on 201-210-8255 and enjoy ongoing training success for your company!

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Corporate Training and Class Rooms by WorkSocial in Jersey City

Jersey City Training Rooms for Corporate Events
Your office space plays a huge role in the overall impression of your business, particularly when you’re meeting clients for the first time. But what do you do when this space is limited, uninspiring, or lacks privacy? You look for a conference room for rent that boasts all the qualities your company does – professionalism, creativity, inspiration, and uniqueness. And that’s exactly what our meeting space in Jersey City provides. Here at worksocial, we go above and beyond to provide meeting rooms in Jersey City that surpass expectations. From the facilities we provide to the interior space on offer, our training room can be tailored to suit the unique needs of your company.

The Advantages of Training Room Rental, NJ

Technology Equipment

  • AirMedia Wireless Presentation
  • 3 LCD 65″ TV
  • Full Integrated AV System
  • 109″ Projection Screen
  • Wireless Microphone Headphone Set
  • Whiteboard Wall
  • Whiteboard and flipcharts


  • Healthy Refreshments
  • Free Content Printing
  • Lanyards and Table Tent Cards
  • Notebooks & pens
  • Facilitator and attendee support
  • Healthy Snacks


  • Catering Upon Request
  • Continental breakfast, buffet lunch, or boxed lunches
  • Full on premise catering (several cuisines)
  • Kosher options

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