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WorkSocial Coworking | A better to practice law in NJ

WorkSocial was created specifically as a coworking space for the practice of professional Services. Our office space in NJ has what you need — private and shared offices and workspaces, fast internet, bookable conference rooms, phone rooms, secure printing/copying, mail service — as well as what you want: a smart modern environment, interesting events, an online network, nearby restaurants, convenient building amenities.

Did you know Worksocial hosts lawyers are thinking of getting in on this whole coworking thing. Well, we are excited to be the bringers of good news, but it looks like lawyers are on the front lines of Coworking.

Amenities that matter

Why a
Coworking Space for a law firm?

Coworking space is ideal for budget-minded business people who don’t need a lot of room to operate. They can find space in high-rent districts at a fraction of the cost of traditional office space.

At its most basic, a coworking space is essentially nothing more than an empty floor with the barest additional amenities. Aside from possibly a our curated private offices, worksocial offers conference space, meeting venues, technology and marketing support.

worksocial started its first Coworking space in 2005, where they rented private offices to 8 unique tenants and helped them scale. Most of the companies that utilized their space then were young, tech startups. Then something interesting happened. One of the startups got funded and started to grow.

Lawyers and
Coworking Spaces?

WTOH. The nature of legal work and social programming might lend itself to a little bit of horseplay, in the practice of law — particularly the more mundane aspects — generally require concentration, security and privacy.

If you are a lawyer and you need to put down very specific details into your motion, the last thing you need, is someone distracting you from your work. worksocial is a mature workplace, distraction free! Yes indeed, we have invested $100,000 in a sound suppression system that makes even the open areas quiet.

It doesn’t matter what kind of distraction you’re talking about it is blocked. In fact, a pleasant distraction is the binaural music that forces focus and creativity.

Confidentiality  & Privilege

And then there’s the biggest thing of all. Even though coworking spaces oftentimes have open spaces, there’s really one guarantee privacy at the highest level. We invested in file cabinets that are locked to preserve your files. Our printing is also secure.

It is available to lawyers at any time when they need it and accessible only to them.

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