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Coworking Space That is Home to the Exponential Entrepreneur

October 8, 2017 By WorkSocial Editorial

This blog is dedicated to my father Shiv Mohan Mukkar.  A man who’s journey to create a great life was founded in a single belief, love.  He truly lived a life of abundance and purpose.  His success in business and life inspired me to believe in the possibility of living in a world filled happiness and Love.


Welcome to WorkSocial | A Happiness Company

The back story

In 2010 we started Version 1 of WorkSocial by accident.  My startup failed and I was stuck with a lease of a 2000 sq ft space.  We escape the burden of the rent I subleased the 9 Rooms of my office to 5 Companies.  I gave it to them at cost – serving up an opportunity to help them grow.  It was never about the money.  
In 20 days the space was sold out.  The business went unnoticed until one day my landlord learned about it and got super upset. In his mind I was making a killing and I should share!  He orchestrated a coup threatening by my tenants.  To save face and in fear I gave the space back to him.  The next day he rented the same space to his partner Indiegrove and they created a coworking space.  
I am grateful to my landlord because he validated that I was onto something.  I had to rethink my approach so that it aligned to my purpose of abundance and love.  A few years later with the help of my wife we created WorkSocial | A Happiness Company.  

The WorkSocial Client: The Exponential Entrepreneur

The exponential entrepreneur is one who understands that creating solutions to world problems are the only road to wealth creation.  At WorkSocial we offer a practical platform of doing just that.  

  1. We offer technologies needed to solve such problem
  2. We create a mindset of thinking at scale
  3. We align to create hyper connected crowds to solve problems throughg exponential communities.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to scale your business not 2X or 3X but 100X then join us.  Tell us how we can align to expand your network and impact the world.  WorkSocial is the go to resource for office space utilizing crowd powered tools positioned to help you grow. If you need an office space in Jersey City, Silicon Valley, Shanghai or Singapore or anywhere else but you just don’t know where you belong at WorkSocial.
WorkSocial has democratized and dematerialized the office space and coworking experience.  As the stodgy building owners and landlords resist this metor of change. We all can see that they are headed towards extinction.  I wish them love and farewell.
A safe haven for a hyperconnected crowd that promotes moonshot thinking, creates local impact and replaces scarcity with abundance.
We are not just for the startup.  If you are part of a large and lumbering organization.  Then your competition is probably churning away at WorkSocial.  Joining WorkSocial will give you the opportunity to see how we are creating Billion Dollar  companies by serving a billion people.
WorkSocial is a playground for exponential entrepreneur.  We our members clearly see that there is the need to get away from the app titled world.  We believe that 3 years to profit and 4 years to exit is the norm.  Do you? If yes, What are you waiting for call us and Join the Movement.

Thomas Edison once said, Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Seriously are you sweating? If not What Are you Waiting For?

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