Find your creative balance

At worksocial, your creativity is our focus. Our space is designed to help you have new ideas daily, whether you prefer to brainstorm in a conference room with colleagues or hunker down in a private office with only your thoughts.

Flourish in a healthy environment

From our cozy offices to our open common areas, worksocial’s coworking space provides the best of both worlds. Here you have access to collaboration when you want it and isolation when you need it, with endless networking and learning opportunities in-between.

You can’t work all the time

Take advantage of a break in your day and recharge with one of our yoga classes or a Manhattan skyline stroll along the Hudson River. These periods of rest and introspection are essential to managing the peaks and valleys that creative individuals experience.

You don’t need to figure it all out on your own

Business is multi-faceted. You can’t possibly self-teach everything you need to know. Dive into one of our leadership programs to strengthen your presence, and also take advantage of free and discounted courses on everything from business strategy to marketing to health.

Focus is both an action and a result

Sometimes a session spent focusing on broader business issues is just what you need to break through smaller creative barriers. Embrace and explore ideas of all sizes, and in our shared office environment there will be support available in all directions. Let’s create something spectacular together!


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