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Importance of Corporate Culture WorkSocial | Office Space | Awesome Culture

March 10, 2017 By WorkSocial Editorial

Organizational culture is more important now than it has ever been.
With the additions of technology and new generations entering the workforce, the traditional barriers of fixed offices have been broken.
Workplaces are now being revamped into environments that promote innovation, collaboration, productivity, and creativity together. Office spaces are no longer individualized; instead, they are communities.
Per Forbes, corporate culture is critical, and it is a must-have that Millennial workers want to see. With a co-working environment, you can achieve the right balance of productivity, culture, and innovation.

CoWorking Environments Serve as a Tool for Collaboration

Transitioning from individual work to collaborative work fosters a better corporate culture. Workspaces are connected, and cooperation no longer happens in a determined meeting or particular location. Instead, employees are encouraged to work as one. When working off-site, renting co-working space is important too, because it allows traveling employees to still engage in the company culture.

CoWorking Improves QWL

The Quality of Work Life (QWL), gives employees more autonomy and encourages engagement. When employees are excited to go to work, their productivity increases, their interest boosts, and they are there to enhance the company; rather than show up to collect a paycheck.
To promote better QWL, companies are utilizing co-working environments. Entrepreneurs are also recognizing the need for a workspace outside of the home, which is why they rent co-working office space to engage in culture, energy, and cost-sharing.

CoWorking Keeps People Connected

Even if you are a business of one, you must stay connected. Being connected improves your productivity and fosters collaboration. It teaches you how to hone in on group work and feed off the stimulation of others. Co-working spaces put you in rooms where other business professionals are working just as hard to succeed. You can bounce ideas off them, discuss your business problems, and collaborate to find solutions.

Healthy Culture Promotes Business Reputation

The most important thing to remember about corporate culture is how it influences reputation. When you have a positive culture, you gain a positive reputation among potential workers, investors, and business professionals. This might help you attract skilled workers or talented business professionals into your network.


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