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In today’s digital-driven environment, you might recognize that the age-old custom of talking face-to-face is non-existent. However, your organization demands that in-person contact. Entrepreneurs attend networking events as a remarkable way to put a face to the name and promote your business.
Furthermore, networking events give you an opportunity to connect with new entrepreneurs, possible business partners, and vendors that benefit your company.

5 Compelling Benefits That Will Make You Want to Attend a Networking Event

Avoiding the next networking event? You might be surprised at what you’re missing by sticking with the recluse lifestyle.

1. The Numbers Speak for Themselves

In a Virgin survey, 84 percent of respondents said that they build more useful, stronger business relationships during face-to-face meetings.
If you want to build your circle of colleagues or find more helpful contacts for your business, you need to network. Networking is natural, pure, and only requires you to be yourself, chat, and connect.
Most networking opportunities turn into long-term business relationships. In fact, 95 percent say that face-to-face connections are fundamental for those long-term business relationships to last.

2. Connections that Benefit Business Growth

Sometimes you will get into a position where you find you need an investor or partner. Perhaps you want a joint venture or have service needs. During networking events, you connect with individuals that can fill in the gap for your business. Also, the more people you add to your professional network, the wider options you have when you are prepared to expand or move forward.

3. Free Opportunities to Sell

What finer way to build up your business than speaking to companies that could utilize your services?
Networking opportunities bring companies together and expose you to new vendor opportunities. Also, it is one of the more powerful ways to promote word-of-mouth advertising. Talking about your organization spreads the information to all manner of sources, and those who listen might continue to spread the word on your behalf.

4. Establish Generations Worth of Increased Business and Referrals

When you connect with companies at a networking event, they might not need your service. However, that does not mean they will not have a client or business partner that wouldn’t. In fact, when you make long-term connections at a networking event, you are inviting the opportunity for generations worth of referrals.
The leads you gain from network referrals are high-quality because they are pre-qualified and willing to buy based on the person who referred them to you.

5. A Chance for Insight and Learning

One of the biggest advantages to networking events is that you can consult with other professionals, learn from them, and gather valuable advice without paying a consultation fee. Networking gives you access to experts in your industry that have been there, done that, and are more than familiar with your current struggles.

Host A Networking Event Today

WorkSocial offers networking events throughout the year that provides you with these vital benefits and much more. Our events are designed to not only connect you with other entrepreneurs and professionals, but they’re also there to help you learn, connect, and advance…just by investing a few hours of your day.


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Networking events give you an opportunity to connect with new entrepreneurs, possible business partners, and vendors that benefit your company.

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