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EOM: Enterprise Office Space Management by WorkSocial

August 23, 2018 By WorkSocial Editorial

Young Employees Working Together in Modern Office Space

How you design your business’s office might sound unimportant at first, but stop and think about what it means for your employees. Even if you’ll possibly have your own CEO office space, the office you provide for your entrepreneurial team is going to reflect on how well they work.
One solution to make smarter decisions on this is through what’s known as enterprise office space management (or EOM). Using this concept means creating an office space that’s conducive to bringing more productivity and designed for true collaboration.
We can help you achieve this at WorkSocial.

Bringing Variety to Your Office With EOM

No one wants to work in an office that’s too small or has no real attention to variety. The old corporate look to offices with a sea of cubicles is quickly going out of style after multiple decades of use.
Many younger workers (i.e. Millennials) are preferring open-office scenarios to allow for collaboration with their fellow workers. These designs usually help create co-working environments many employees craving collaboration prefer.
One thing we’ll help you achieve at WorkSocial is creating an office space with the variety you need to nurture creativity. Whether it’s co-working or shared office spaces, we’ll manage whatever you use for your Jersey City business.

Creating Better Connections and Networking

Using EOM also means helping you design an office that brings better connections among colleagues. This doesn’t necessarily mean all people in the office. It can also mean providing an office to better connect with outsiders.
Collaboration is more important than ever in office environments to stay competitive. Gaining opinions from others outside the realms of your own office can do wonders when brainstorming for innovative ideas.
Co-working works much this way, though so does shared office spaces.
We’ll help manage this idea for you using top-tier technology to allow connections and networking from afar. Some examples may include video conferencing ability, plus phone services for group conferences.

Helping to Promote Growth

Sticking with the same old office designs can bog your workers down mentally to a point where they can’t think in an innovative way. Surroundings definitely make a difference in how employees think. It can relate to how desks are arranged, all the way to the lighting. Even Forbes notes office spaces should work like software: You have to constantly upgrade and evolve them.
Working with EOM will help you find the type of office design best helping you grow the fastest. Thinking about how productive your employees become correlates directly to how fast you’re going to grow your company.
In some cases, this might mean letting your employees work from home. However, an office giving the feel of being at home will entice your team to come to work and feel comfortable in their surroundings.

Inspiring More Contributions

An office environment is also going to factor into how many of your employees want to contribute their own ideas with colleagues. Not having a very inviting workspace may force some of your employees to stay at their own desks rather than start conversations.
While all employees are going to have their own approaches to how they work, you want to create an environment persuading them to work with others. No one employee is going to help you innovate alone without having input from other staff members or outsiders.
Time to analyze what kind of office you have now and what subtle things you could change to make employees think optimally.
Contact us at WorkSocial to find out more about the office services we offer to help stimulate the intellectual and financial growth of Jersey City entrepreneurs like you.

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