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Essential’s for CoWorking Spaces

March 24, 2016 By WorkSocial Editorial

CoWorking spaces not only work for lawyers they are a critical for a law practice’s success. Lets take the example of James Practice [name changed].  Jame is is a member of  WorkSocial and other shared office spaces.
sjr_0707-hdrBefore joining WorkSocial James worked from home. A home office was probably the cheapest option for a solo practitioner. Until one day James landed a client that was buying real estate like candy.
Nothing blows your image than a barking pet at a closing. And if the thought of seeing only your family and the person delivering your takeout food sounds isolating, you might want to reconsider if you want your clients in your “business.”
After a crazy a embarrassing event, James joined WorkSocial. Ever since his business tripled, his profitability sky rocked and productivity increased.
Here is why
James went to work everyday
Working from home meant that James had flexibility about when to start. Sometimes, the flexibility turned to procrastination. Since moving to a space James “got very organized.” One day the client service team at WorkSocial needed a contract reviewed. “I did it for free. They gave me a month off.” He never looked back. Now he works with WorkSocial all the time.
Inflow of clients
Instantly grew my business, the “10 WorkSocial members became my clients.” James had assumed that Coworking spaces usually have an open layout. WorkSocial had private offices, conference rooms and open spaces. They had other spaces with open areas and I used all of it as needed.
A large part of what his law practice was printing, collating, filing and meeting preparation. Everyday James needed to make a choice. “Grow the business, sell my services, print my documents and talk to clients.” WorkSocial had an admin, Ally, on site, and, James tried to make a deal with her for work. “No James its my pleasure and its included” converted James to a fan.
Here is what WorkSocial Offers:

  • Free Printing
  • Free Internet
  • Free 24 x 7 Access in a high security building
  • Free Coffee, tea, snacks and more
  • Discounts with airlines, car rental and more
  • Conference call facility
  • Video conference
  • Awesome views

Fun stuff designed for productivity
Work requires discipline. WorkSocial follows the principles of the corporate athlete. Frequent visits from local practitioners offering yoga, stretching, meditation and massages had a great impact on my productivity.
MileStone Funding
With a little extra time and energy James decided to grow his business. He wanted to develop a website. WorkSocial, funded the development with a $5,000 loan to develop a website. One of the community members did the work . Someone else did the SEO and now marketing is in full swing. With 5 real estate closings a week and 20 clients from WorkSocial, James has rented private offices and hired an associate.
Guess what, James still rents space at WorkSocial and has weekly office hours. Flexibility at a shared office space has advantages.
Full disclosure: WorkSocial | A happiness company is a company where I have a vested interest. The thoughts here in represent my opinions are not inserted to drive sales. My life is not a call for action instead it is a cause for action.

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