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How to Influence with Tactical Empathy – Jersey City

Event Host: The Blackswan Group | Chris Voss
September 20 to September 20, 2019

Empathy is necessary for influence.

This one-day event focuses on equipping you with the tactical empathy tools you need to be heard, overcome objections, and close deals with fewer counter-offers.

The key to being heard is hearing your counterpart first.

How many times have you thought "They aren't hearing a word of what I'm saying" or gotten the feeling that the other side just isn't paying attention or that they just didn't understand your proposal? Learn how to use empathy to connect with your counterpart so your proposals, objectives, and terms can be clearly heard and understood.

Don't let objections stand in your way!

Sometimes objections are valid and sometimes they are unfounded. Learn how to proactively address objections and negative emotions a counterpart may have about you, your solution, or your company.

Say "good-bye" to making several counter-offers.

Business-as-usual is to offer, counter-offer, and keep counter-offering until an agreement is reached. Learn how to stand firm on your price and terms and make fewer counter-offers.

Pre-requisites: Attendees must have read "Never Split The Difference" or attendance at a previous Black Swan Event.

Requirements for attendance: Each attendee will be required to submit a description of a situation.



How many people will be at this event?

The event is only open to a limited number attendees. You can expect that we'll address your negotiation questions and that you'll also get to network.

Are meals included?

Yes, a continental breakfast and lunch will be served. There will also be snacks available throughout the day.

What should I bring?

Bring your preferred note-taking devices (paper & pen, iPad, laptop) and come prepared with a scenario you'd like advice on.
Also, if you've read "Never Split The Difference" bring your book for Chris Voss to sign. We'll also have a few books available for purchase. Signed books make great gifts!

Why should a participant participate

Imagine a negotiation where you left nothing on the table. Imagine a negotiation where you were in total control.  In control of your process, your end results and outcomes.

Now imagine, what that would feel like if you could do this every time.

Chris will show you how to apply some simple things you already know. He will show you how to apply them.  Then he will integrate it in your body.

You owe this to yourself...never split the difference.

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