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Intermediate Excel Workshop

October 25 to October 25, 2018

Microsoft Excel has been called "The most important software application of all time", and it is widely used across almost all jobs and industries. This evening course will teach you the skills necessary to become proficient in Microsoft Excel. We focus on the tools and features that are most commonly used in business and academic settings, so that you are fully equipped to succeed in whatever workplace you find yourself in. The next time you are asked about your Excel skills in a job interview, you’ll be able to answer that you're an Allstar!

What should you know before coming?

You will need to bring a laptop/macbook with Microsoft Excel installed (any version is acceptable, but 2013 or newer is preferred). A mouse is recommended (but not required), as some exercises may be easier with a mouse.
The course typically has one 15-minute break. You may bring a meal or snack with you to class.


  • Shortcuts
  • Sorting & Subtotaling
  • Absolute & Relative References
  • Writing Formulas (Sum-If; If; Count; V-Lookup)
  • Pivot Tables – Beginner & More (Creating Pivot Tables, Styles, Grouping, Options)
  • And More!

Why should a participant participate

Corporate Employees, Academics, and Job-Seekers. This class is designed for anyone who wants to explore the vast possibilities available in Excel, and those with aspirations to become the “Excel Expert” of their workplace. As a prerequisite, you should be comfortable performing basic tasks in Excel, including Data Entry, and Copy & Paste. You should be willing to move at a fast pace, although everyone is encouraged to interact and ask questions. This will allow us to explore the topics that are interesting to you in a more in-depth manner.