Stakeholder Centered Coaching by Marshall Goldsmith

Event Host: Frank Wagner
December 04 to December 07 2018

Our Mission/Purpose = To measurably improve leadership behavior around the world


Frank started his career in Leadership Development when he entered the Ph.D. program in The Graduate School of Management at UCLA along with Marshall Goldsmith in 1972. After graduating Frank took a teaching position in the School of Business at Loyola Marymount University where he continued his friendship with Marshall Goldsmith as they shared an office as Assistant Professors.

While teaching at Loyola Marymount Frank worked part time at the Center for Leadership Studies under the mentorship of Paul Hersey.

Why should a participant participate

Only Stakeholder Centered Coaching® makes leadership change both visible and measured Many coaching approaches focus on leadership assessments, goal setting, and action planning between the leader and the coach. Often the major outcome from such efforts is increased awareness and acceptance.

As a result leaders intellectually understands where change would be desirable and how they could move to higher levels of effectiveness through action planning. The coach then reviews, with the leader in private, the progress made on the plan and revises the plan based on these conversations.

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About the Event

How Certification Works Registering and attending one of the certification programs leads to gaining the skills to implement our unique brand of coaching. Once registered you will received an electronic copy of The Stakeholder Centered Coaching Playbook that lays out the process, and you will be provided with a self-paced online training to prepare you to attend the two-day certification.

The actual certification for coaching individual leaders is a two-day training that focuses on skill practice to prepare you for coaching using the process. In addition there is a combined certification option that is a four-day training where you practice the skills for coaching both individual leaders (first 2 days) and teams (second 2 days) using the methodology. Coaches can split up the certifications and do the two-day certification for coaching individual leaders first, and then at a later date come back and take the second half of the combined certification and do the tw0-day team certification. Signing up for the Team Certification requires that a coach has already attended the two-day workshop and received certification in the process of coaching individual leaders before attending the team certification. After completion of the training, participants are provided log-in and password to the website.

Clicking on the following link will show how our coaches can use this website as another source of marketing themselves; and, gain access to a wealth of tools to assist your success as a Stakeholder Centered Coach. Where our coaches need it, they will receive ICF credits and/or ACEC (the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches that is part of the MEECO Institute) credits for completing the certification. Further levels of certification are awarded based on actual coaching of leaders through the process.

In other words, this is a practice-based certification that awards higher levels of certification based on evidence of coaching leaders to achieve a positive change in behavior as measured by stakeholder perception (the Mini-Surveys). As coaches complete six successful engagements they achieve Advanced Certification, and finally Master Certification is achieved after twelve successful engagements.

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