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Event Host: Jillian Jamison
September 20 to September 21 2018

Accelerate your Income Tax Provision  Process with cutting edge automation Automation using ONESOURCE Workpapers

We are pleased to announce the automation mastery series hosted by Amphitrite Advisory in New York, NY

Many companies use OTP in a very limited manner. It does not have to be that way any longer. This training is the pathway to leveraging the software to its fullest potential. The vendors and implementers don’t offer such training because they rely on such inefficiencies for future work.
These two days could potentially help you save ten’s if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In this 2-day hands on course – I will provide you the design principles to OTP workpapers fast. I will show you automation methods never seen before then we will apply these design principles across all of your unique tax provision calculations. This course will provide you with tools and templates that will save you time by automating manual processes.

My vision is that every participant of this training will return to their office ready to deconstruct manual process and automate them. We hope this investment will payoff 10X through consulting and audit fees. Not to mention the obvious benefits of controls and governance.

What you can expect:

  • Tools – A standardized set of OTP Workpapers that will help you build automation with great controls, along with sample Workpapers to bring back to your organization. We will transfer our IP IP to you. We believe in co-creating ideas.
  • Ongoing support – We will answer your questions and remain a resource for one month after the class. We have limited the class size so that we can help your teams succeed.
  • Experience – Unique opportunity to connect with your peers to exchange ideas and share knowledge. We also will conduct a 1 hour session to learn your work style.
  • Impact – Significantly reduced hours in your income tax provision process allowing you to spend more time in review and analysis. Past clients have saved 100’s of hours.

You will master ONESOURCE® workpapers and best practices within ONESOURCE® Tax Provision.

Why should a participant participate


Day 1 – 9:30am - 5:30pm
Breakfast and registration

Structure of an OTP Workpaper

  • What a Workpaper looks like from OTP standpoint
  • Import master data into Workbook
Essential components: OTP Workpapers
True Colors: Communication and team building (lunch will be provided)
Setting up metadata in a Workpaper
Build an OTP Workpaper: Pre-tax book income
Happy hour and networking
Day 2 – 8:30am-5:30pm

Full day of customization: Build one full Taxable Income Workpaper for each client. (lunch will be provided):

  • Aggregate sources of data
  • Develop inputs
  • Process outputs
  • Consume

About the Event

Advisory Amphitrite Advisory, Inc. was born out of a desire to connect teams and develop people. Our dream is to enable people to lead with purpose and mastery while uncovering their gifts. We help tax leaders reduce manual work in their income tax provision processes; we maximize the use of technology to suit the goals of their tax department; we want you to achieve full automation in a cost-efficient manner without having to become dependent on consultants or software vendors Your instructor, Jillian Jamison

As your instructor for the entire 2-day training my goal is to teach you how to apply and master the automation methods that we have developed for Workpapers, not just how to use the application. I am dedicated to bringing personal excellence into corporate tax departments by creating technologies for companies driven to bring out the best in their people, and that’s what this course is about.

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