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What is a Massively Transformative Purpose | And why every company needs one

November 19, 2017 By WorkSocial Editorial

If you think your personal life has purpose and meaning, do you feel like the business you own has the same golden path? Running a company requires this same philosophy if you’re going to make it successful. Most importantly, providing purpose in your company has to occur with every single one of your employees to create goal unity.
This process is called “Massively Transformative Purpose.” If you think this sounds overly scientific or complex, it’s really not!
Paul Keijzer defines “MTP” as an outrageously and highly aspirational motto for your company. Thinking in grander terms like this inspires you and your employees toward a higher purpose in what you want to achieve.
An essential part of MTP involves using superior office technology to get there.

Eliminating Motivation By Profit

What’s most important in properly approaching Massively Transformative Purpose is to not feel motivated by narrow-minded goals. This means not focusing merely on technology or ways you can make a quick profit.
These type of goals are short-sighted and typically lead to burnout in many ways. They can also lead to a lack of fulfillment if you end up achieving a narrow profit goal too fast.
You want a long-term mission that can keep your employees inspired for the rest of their careers. Think about the great companies that continue to work on this level.
Corporate behemoths like Apple set this type of philosophy in place through Steve Jobs. Even Tesla has their own MTP with their “accelerate transition to sustainable transport” motto.
How do you go about this, though, when you focus on acquiring technology for success?

Igniting Passion With the Right Work Tools

Have you thought about what your company can do to help shape the future? This is the true soul of how you create your own MTP. It’s the key to creating true passion in your employees.
Still, they need proper work tools to help shape these ideas to increase productivity! What kind of digital technologies have you invested in to make this happen so your employees feel like they can properly realize their ideas?
You should start with the processes in how employees work. Maybe they prefer working away from the office to help them brainstorm ideas you couldn’t achieve working together in the office.

Using Co-Working Technology to Maintain Work Passion

NPR recently reported on the rise of co-working spaces, a concept that brings more collaboration with those outside your office walls.
Shared office environments allow your employees to collaborate with others to find new ideas for a major business project. Almost like outsourcing, it can help your workers stay passionate about their roles while finding answers to challenging problems.
Then again, some of your employees may find their MTP epiphanies by working alone at home.

Remote Offices to Avoid Distractions

Some employees prefer working by themselves. Your office perhaps isn’t conducive to reaching lofty goals due to constant distractions. Whether it’s employees lacking privacy or having to endure constant interruptions from co-workers, a remote office may help them live up to your MTP.
When you set a major company mission, always expect at least a few employees to need solace to get work done at a top-tier level.
However, you might find times when they have one of those eureka moments and need to share ideas with the entire company at a moment’s notice. This is where you must utilize digital conferencing.

Digital Conferencing From Home

Doing video or audio conferencing is so much easier now with better camera technology and faster internet speeds. During those times when an employee needs to share a big idea, they can without video freezes or sound dropouts.
Or, when you find the right company providing remote conference rooms, an employee can use these if traveling in other locations. Either way, you don’t want delays in your employees sharing their major synapses.

Training Your Employees to Stay Inspired

Don’t forget about how important training is to maintain your company’s purpose. As Forbes reminds, all employees want ample opportunities for growth to stay motivated.
Give this to them with proper training venues. Some of these venues may need as much solace as remote offices. No matter how you use them, allowing your employees to advance themselves does as much as anything to live up to your massively transformative purpose without it being hyperbole.

Contact us at WorkSocial where we can provide these tools to help your MTP stay top of mind.

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