Thinking Outside the Box When it Comes to finding the perfect office rental

Office space can be a drain on resources for start-up companies. In a robust real estate market landlords demand 3-5 year lease terms.  That coupled with personal guarantees makes securing an office a scary proposition. Tbe be frank this situation was not an ideal requirement when we started to look for a commercial office space to open a coworking business.  I often wondered who would be looking to grow and take on extra liabilities.

I guess others saw this as well and coworking soon became a cluttered business.

Jersey City office for Rent


We started get creative about looking for ways to include what most clients in the market for an office space would need.  Here are some of the benefits that WorkSocial Offers.


office suite for lease

The Standard Benefits

  1. Curated offices: Before you start we learn about your business and we make it easy for you to hit the ground running on day 1
  2. Environment: We care deeply about how you feel at work.  We nurture an environment of happiness and abundance
  3. The basics: All free with no hidden charges:
    1. Wifi
    2. Printing
    3. Mail Handling
    4. Food and Snacks & awesome beverages
    5. Lunch and learns
    6. Networking Events
    7. Flexible terms
    8. Free conference space
    9. Video conference equipment
    10. Large Meeting Rooms
    11. Friday massages to end the week (on us)
    12. Huge Discounts on
      • Hotels
      • Cloud hosting
      • Web development staff
    13. Plus much more

As the competition thickened and we started to get a little experience in the business. I wanted to be sure our business that we always iterated into better services.  Stuff that our clients would find of tangible value and unexpected.

Here is a list of our initiatives for 2017 to 2018.

  1. Focus on growth: We have committed to bringing 1 referral to each one of our clients every quarter
  2. Focus on relationships: We have committed to opening at least 1 door every quarter for our clients
  3. Focus on networks: We have committed to expanding our network by hosting frequent networking events with name brand companies such as Ellevate
  4. Focus on gratitude: We have committed to expanding our influence by generously sharing our profits with Jersey City charities
  5. Focus on learning: We have committed to bringing the best technology, leadership and business development curriculum to our community.

I would love for your to be a part of the WorkSocial Community.  To Schedule a Tour please call us at (201) 293-7475

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