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Five Questions Every Company Team Should Be Clear On

November 19, 2017 By WorkSocial Editorial

Discovering the realities of the health of your company can often be eye-opening if you haven’t asked any questions in a while. This is why it’s essential to meet with your employees and ask some key questions about what’s really going on in every department.
Whittling your questions down to the most essential that answer your mission statement is critical. What should those questions address, though?
You should cover everything from understanding your customers to how you’ll market and sell your products. Much of this wraps around what kind of business technologies you and your employees use to find solutions to your questions.

Question 1: Who is Your Customer?

Do you really understand who your customers are? It’s easy to take them for granted if you’ve had some loyal buyers for a long time. Your newer customers might find your products attractive, but how should you market to keep them from switching to your competitors?
As Kissmetrics points out, creating digital engagement with your customers is a good start. Gathering as much data as you can on new prospects is the only way you’re going to get into the head of your customers.
This should expand to creating customer personas and placing yourself in their shoes.

Question 2: How Can You Solve Customer Problems?

Knowing the pain points of your customers tells you a lot about how you’re going to solve the customer’s problem.
You should look at your products and correlate them to these pains. Can your marketing convey how you’ll solve these problems in a way a competitor can’t?
Don’t forget to answer to how your solution should improve the status quo by at least 10 times.

Question 3: What Business Technologies Will You Use to Market and Sell Your Products or Services?

Once you start asking questions requiring creative answers, you’re going to need to utilize business technologies to find successful answers.
At this point, you’ll want to know how your team prefers working when brainstorming ideas. Do they find your on-site work environment suitable for coming up with ideas? Or do they need to work at home with their own privacy?
Maybe they need to work in a co-working environment where they can learn new ideas from outsiders with fresh expertise.
The more marketing content they can create to bring personal engagement with customers, the more customer loyalty you’ll nurture.

Question 4: How Do You Turn Customers Into Advocates?

When your team can make customers completely believe in your products and services, you’ll be able to create advocates on both sides. Allowing your team to easily communicate with customers remotely can bring a more personalized approach to make this happen.
To do so, you’re going to need to invest in certain types of digital equipment that makes communication easy. It may come from a remote office where your employees contact customers easily from home or on a mobile device.

Question 5: How Will You Scale Your Customer Segment?

Segmentation is another critical aspect to reaching customers in the most effective way. Forbes gives a reminder about segmenting and how analyzing different customer segments lets you focus on the most valuable prospects.
Being able to scale each customer segment should also become a top priority. The way to do that is to stay communicated with customers in ways that prove you understand them.
Sometimes this means answering prospect questions immediately when they ask them. Allowing your employees to work at home and in co-working spaces allows them to approach customers in the right way.
Providing good training venues for your workers also gives you an opportunity to train your team with the right marketing techniques.
Contact us at WorkSocial so we can provide these business technologies for you to help your most pressing company questions receive successful answers!

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