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Freelancers, Is Your Pitch Deck on Point?

June 7, 2016 By david

Top-tier freelancers know the importance of continuously growing their business, even when things are busy. Whether you’re offering web development, graphic design, SEO, photography or marketing, you always want to be showing (not telling!) your services to new prospects.
A winning pitch deck can mean the difference between making a great impression and seeing an opportunity slip away.


Consider your pitch deck as much of an introduction as a sales pitch. The likelihood of getting a buy-in from new investors or clients increases exponentially when you effectively convey your objectives and methodology. You will want to create a clear and concise slideshow that leaves your audience feeling like they know who you are and would be crazy not to sign on for your services.
Whether you don’t yet have a pitch deck or are looking to refine a presentation you’ve been using, here are a few things to think about:


First and foremost, be sure to take the time to craft your personal brand identity, visually and conceptually, with intentional fonts, colors, and a memorable logo. People connect with brands because they want to feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Aside from design and aesthetic appeal, your brand should have a meaningful purpose, mission and story.


Include bold header statements that communicate your pitch in an authoritative tone. Statistics and case studies can also help you to maintain your audience’s attention, and never underestimate the importance of printing your slides and proofreading them multiple times. Typos and misspellings instantly devalue your brand and diminish your credibility. You are better than that!


If you’re still on the fence about whether or not it’s really worth it to break out InDesign and build an entire presentation, consider the process of gaining new business down the road. Without a pitch deck, correspondence with new leads will be scattered, time-consuming and unprofessional. When you have a pitch deck, you minimize the preparation and time needed to prepare for a meeting with a prospect. The more efficiently your business runs, the more time you have, and the more money you can make.


You don’t have to create your pitch deck alone. At WorkSocial, you’ll find plenty of experienced professionals and passionate creatives who enjoy offering their advice to fellow entrepreneurs. That’s not to mention the potential new investors and clients you will connect with.
We are actually in the process of putting together a pitch deck workshop here at Jersey City shared office space. Sound like something you would be interested in? Call us at 201-293-7475 to book a free tour of WorkSocial and learn about the many educational business events we offer!

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