Use Google Trend Feature and Queryly for Your Website Analytics

By Shantanu Mohan

December 11, 2017

Website Analytics and the Google Trend Feature

Have you ever pored over the many statistics on your website analytics dashboard and wondered what to make of them? How should you interpret them to increase conversions of site visitors? What’s more, how can you target the types of site content to users based on their point of origin?

We know that business owners and website managers struggle with these questions every day. Some of them are lucky enough to maintain a relationship with a boutique IT firm, but others are forced to make difficult decisions about website analytics and features on their own. They don’t have the expertise to build an optimized website, so they choose to give their attention to other business activities.

Fortunately, you don’t have to take an all-or-nothing approach. There are many IT firms like ours that will give your organization valuable advice when needed and help you build the site infrastructure or features desired once your budget can support it. One of the clear solutions that site owners should use for their website analytics more is a Google trend feature, which helps you to make decisions based on patterns that it has already detected!

Give People What They Want

There are nifty features business owners can add to a site that might work well for other companies but don’t match your needs. “Make something people want” is the motto that we love from Y-Combinator founder Paul Graham. Although it sounds simple enough, it’s tough for you to know what prospects really want!

For a website that is just delivering your online presence, you can check out website analytics tools to see what links get the most traffic. For websites with many functionalities, you might need to be more strategic in the use of Google trends feature.

After you have the data from an appropriate website analytics tool, the challenge is how to convert insights into actions that will suit your audience’s needs. It is not always easy to infer what your audience wants just by studying hundreds of pages of stats. That’s why Google trend feature is an extremely useful tool for gauging consumer interests. It aggregates all the keywords on the Internet and detects patterns from them.

Dig Deeper With Queryly

In the same way that the Google trend feature aggregates data, you can find similar insights by analyzing the keywords on your own website. If you don’t know how to build it yourself, there are tools that will do it for you.

One of the popular ones is Queryly, which offers a self-service dashboard of search analytics for a business site. Queryly automatically aggregates all the top keywords and shows the most popular trends on your site. For example, if you own a tax preparation service, people who visit your site might also be interested in related topics such as property taxes, paying back taxes, tax law, tax foreclosure, tax shelters, and tax write-offs. As a site owner, you can get a sense of what target audiences want to know with a simple glance at your Queryly dashboard, allowing you to add more content on the topics that continually rank at the top of internal site searches.

Include Content About What’s Trending Online

Queryly is a search engine tool that you can easily install on your site for users to search other databases across the web, including online newspapers, magazines, blogs, video news services, and business websites. They can see what other sources are saying for a selected keyword phrase. Your users are actually getting links to more content around the web based on the keyword phrase they found in a piece of content currently posted on your site. If you recently wrote a blog post on how to weather-proof your luxury sedan, then Queryly will recommend other content for site visitors on this topic. The only cautionary point here is that content is king when people can find it and use it, but you don’t want users to find related content that contradicts what you have posted. Therefore, your company should post authoritative content (which you may have to pay people to write) and then do some fact-checking of your own to ensure it’s reliable.

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