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How To Impress Clients In Your Conference Room Rental

May 25, 2017 By

Are you running a start-up company and wondering how to get more clients? A Harvard Business Review study found that 95 percent of 2,300 business owners said face-to-face meetings are key for building strong, long-term relationships.
Only 20 percent said that virtual meetings could lead to the same results as face-to-face meetings. To run a successful business, you will likely need to meet with clients face-to-face in a great location.
If you’re running your business out of your garage or your startup only has tiny offices, you may want to consider conference room rental options.
Do you want to impress new clients? If so, take a look at our top seven tips to boost client retention. Let’s get right into it!

Decide on the goal of your client meeting

Figure out what the point of your meeting is. To further define your goal, consider brainstorming with your team and making a guide for how to handle the meeting.
It’s best to avoid having too many different goals for the meeting. Focus on two or three main things you want to achieve after speaking with your clients.
This will make the meeting more successful and your clients won’t get bored or tired by the end of it.
First, set your priorities with the project you want to undertake. Decide on where the project will take you. Talk to your client about any project changes or issues. Most of all, make sure that you and your client are on the same page.

Consider the audience of your meeting

One of the most important parts of running any company is to define who your customer base is. Figure out who your audience is and what your clients are like.
Define their demographics as well as their desires and needs. You’ll also need to know what challenges they face and how you can help them overcome these obstacles.
You’ll also want to figure out who in your company will need to attend the meeting. Figure out which stakeholders are important for reaching your objectives and who has the knowledge needed for the meeting.
Think about how much information your clients have on the project and your meeting objectives. At the beginning of the meeting, provide the context that your clients need to have a more effective discussion.
When thinking about your audience, don’t forget to consider conference room rental options and what type of location would be best for your clients.

Consider taking part in conference room rental

Do you usually take your clients to a coffee shop for a meeting? Or do you bring them into the office you run out of your basement?
Whether you have a tiny office or run things outside your home, you may want to think about renting out a conference room specifically for your client meetings. Your clients will be much more impressed if you run a meeting outside an established office room.
If you want happy clients who stick around for years, consider your conference room rental options.

Pay attention to the expectations of your clients

When you put together your meeting notes and agenda, consider the expectations your customers have for your company. Figure out how the content you put forth will impact the expectations of your clients.
As such, consider how much detail your clients need to know. Too much information may not help and instead confuse your clients. Pose multiple solutions to a given obstacle instead of focusing on one way of fixing a problem.
Pay attention to what your clients are passionate about. Meet their expectations by solving your clients’ problems and focusing on their passions.
If there’s a detail that your client loves but you think another solution is better, leave it until after your meeting. Think of what’s best when your mind is clear. If you come up with a great solution, then gently let your client know after the meeting.

Use your time wisely

You’ll likely only have a set amount of time to go over your project goals. Your client likely has somewhere else to be after an hour or so. As such, you’ll need to use your time wisely.
When you look at your objectives, decide how much time you have to put toward discussing each goal. Analyze how much time you have for every complex subject.
If you’re introducing a new service, product, or topic to your client, you will need to set aside much more time than if you were discussing a previously introduced subject.
If the conversation is skewing toward less important details, keep the discussion on topic and discuss the more complex topics on the agenda.

Work with your team members to improve the meeting agenda

After you have put together the structure of the meeting and the overall agenda, share it with your team members. Ask for their input, advice, and any issues they may find with the meeting agenda.
Review with your team whether the objectives are clear and straightforward. Make sure that the structure is organized in a logical order. This will help meet the expectations of your client.
By working with your team, you will likely have a more clear message when meeting with your clients. So be sure to get feedback from your coworkers and team members before your meeting!

Put some time aside at the end of your meeting for questions

One of the key strategies for a successful meeting that will impress your client is setting aside some time to answer questions. At the end of your meeting, leave aside at least five minutes to clarify your points and answer any questions.
Clarify what actions need to be completed next. Let your clients know what you’ll be discussing in your next meeting.
Get any feedback from your clients as well. This will keep your meetings more successful in the future. Leaving some time at the end of your meeting is great for answering client questions.
We hope you have enjoyed reading these seven tips for a successful client meeting. Do you have any other great tips? Let us know in the comments below!
And if you have any questions about conference room rental for your client meetings, check out previous posts or contact us here.
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