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Infographic: The Eight Key Elements of a Strategic Plan for Salary Negotiation

December 6, 2017 By WorkSocial Editorial

Curious about what we focus on when developing a strategic negotiation plan? Here’s an infographic that provides a snapshot of our process.



  1. Assess your Career
    To craft a strong strategic plan for your negotiation, you need to take a deep dive into your accomplishments, strengths, and repeating themes and define the value you create in your work.
  2. Research your value
    We’ll identify comparable compensation packages for similar positions based on the value you can provide in the hands of your employer, and the return on investment your employer expects to reap from your efforts in the future.
  3. Construct your narrative
    Dovetailing on your strengths and accomplishments, we’ll craft your superpower statement and identify key stories you’ll tell to demonstrate your past and future value in action.
  4. Gather your support system
    We’ll identify the people in your network who can support you in your effort to be hired or promotedw internal and external influencers who are Willing to use their social capital on your behalf.
  5. Prioritize your requirements
    Your strategic plan includes not only knowing what your employer wants, but also identifying and prioritizing the menu of requirements and benefits that are available and/or important to you.
  6. Sequence your ask
    Dovetailing the work in #5, we’ll help you frame and anchor your ask, and plan your concessions and requests for reciprocity-in advance-to maximize both your opportunities your employer’s interests.
  7. Write scripts
    We Will write succinct scripts to help you meet potential resistance or objection, and keep the conversation mowng forward by creating an — atmosphere of possibility, flexibility, and assurance
  8. Roleplay to done deal!
    We’ll practice with you until you’re confident, and support you through the offer/counter offer process until you reach a deal.


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