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The International Professional

March 31, 2016 By WorkSocial Editorial

By: Team PeatZox & WorkSocial
Reading, speaking and writing English is a vital aspect of business in the United States. It often becomes an obstacle in a person’s growth or a company’s success. Working closely with an ESL teacher can change this!
As an ESL teacher you can make a difference.
Join the Movement
We are Team PeatZox, interns at WorkSocial | A Happiness Company.  We are Junior High students from Jersey City, NJ.  Yes we are in Junior High, please don’t Judge.
We have dedicated our spring break to the Community by searching for areas of potential change.
 Professional development of immigrants is one such area.
The International Professional
Imagine that you are in a meeting with an important client from London. You come up with a brilliant idea of creating a partnership with your client. This partnership will earn you, your company, and your client MILLIONS of dollars. The client loves your idea, and you have to explain the details of your idea.
Your co-worker who speaks great English, is on vacation. You are closing a deal that will change your company and your future. The only thing that stands between you and the deal is your presentation. You have worked and prepared for this for a long, long time. But there’s another problem…!!  It’s 6:30 PM. Your partners are flying out to the Netherlands to meet a competitor. You have two hours to close this deal and you don’t know if your client will make this deal with the competitor.
Can you afford to take such risks?  If you want to improve your English, learn to speak in public and learn to present. Contact WorkSocial at Info@WorkSocial.Works.
The Language of Business in America
Clear communication in English, the language, is very important in having or running a business successfully. How you write, speak and read becomes your Brand. Your Brand is how people see you.
Your Brand, is the key ingredient that closes that ever important deal. In certain instances, specifically international business, people who speak more than one language have the winning formula. As an International Professional you are destined to WIN. Winning takes a lot of work.  In this case you need 2 languages your mother tongue and English.
Are you interested in Developing your brand?
Are you interested in Fast-tracking your career?
Is your brand representing your skills?
If the English language is standing in between you and your future, then Join the Movement?
At WorkSocial, you can Connect, Create, and Grow.
We want to serve our community.  We want to help you up your game.  We want to help you achieve your greatest career goals. Join our expansive team of coaches and teachers.
Improve your English, learn to present and learn to rock your Career.

We are Team Peat Zox, and we are here to tell you, you are a Genius.

WorkSocial | A Happiness Company
(201) 293-7475

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