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Meeting and Conference Rooms for Rent in New York

Are you looking for a space to conduct your Business Conference?

Are you tired of arranging Meetings and Conference’s in uninspiring environments that quickly lose your

employees’ attention?

Want to create a good rapport with your Employees?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

At WorkSocial,

We offer exclusive Conference rooms that can be tailored to your business’ unique needs and requirements – all the while providing your employees with the inspiration, comfort, and experience they need and deserve.

Why Opt for WorkSocial Conference Rooms?

Meeting & Conference Rooms for Rent in New YorkIf you’ve ever conducted a Conference for a group of people, you’ll know how hard it is to grab and keep their attention.

Even if you run this training session in your business premises, it can be difficult to get them to switch off from work and fully focus on the task at hand – their crucial conference program.

Equally, if your company building is lacking a good Conference room space, you’ll know that conducting
productive sessions are a huge challenge. From the noise in the background to constant interruptions from other staff members, it’s hard to get your message across and get it across well.

When you rent a meeting room, you’re provided with a space that’s been specially designed for Conferences.

For example, our Conference Space in New York is conducive for the Interaction, which means it isn’t
designed like an old-fashioned rooms that makes people feel on edge. Rather, it’s designed to boast a
relaxed, motivating vibe that promotes great communication between the people attending the

We can also introduce smaller configurations, e.g., tables of 4, 5, or 6, that are perfect for group problem solving and peer-to-peer teaching.

While a good instructor can provide excellent training regardless of how a room’s set up, a flexible training venue helps them maximize their potential and their training.

We know how to get the most impact from Conferences.

About Our Meeting and Conference Rooms

WorkSocial Meeting Room, NYC

Here at Work Social, we have a number of Meeting Rooms and Conference Rooms for hire, each equipped with everything you create an awe-inspiring sessions.
Within our Conference room in NYC, you’ll find ample technology to aid your presentation and offer interactive group sessions. Features include an HD projector screen, whiteboard wall, wireless microphone headphone set, full AV system, and much, much more.

Need something else? Just ask.

We also provide content printing, facilitator support, and lanyards to help your training session run smoothly, while also serving healthy snacks and tea, coffee, and water throughout the day.

Want to provide something extra for your attendees?

No problem – we can even provide continental breakfasts, boxed lunches, and buffet lunches on request.

Book Your Meeting Room Rental Today

Use our conference rooms and meeting rooms for that all-important space that’s crucial to your company’s development. We also offer services such as an off-site location for your staff members.

Why choose conference room and meeting room for rent in New York?

Because you’ll enjoy:

  • The advantage of a conference room for as long as you need it (book it by the hour)
  • Customizable space that can be altered according to your company’s training needs
  • Simple booking – use our online form or call our team to book your space today
  • A professional service run by an experienced team who know how to help you get the most out of your
    conference sessions
  • A ready-to-use conference room that’s been set up to your specific requirements

Looking for a meeting room or conference room in New York?
Then give us a call on 201-210-8255 today to hear more about our services or to book a tour

Amenities and Privileges


Our meeting rooms come with a variety of tea, coffee and chilled water. All our venues provide a breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea option to make your meeting go a little smoother. To order catering for your meeting simply select the menu options during the booking process from the venue page.


We can provide up managed Wifi to connect a 100 computers for your event, complete with private wireless Internet access and configured the way you want it. And our full-time technical staff will make sure your event goes off without a hitch.


Your personal concierge will assists your guests by performing various tasks such as making restaurant reservations, booking hotels, arranging for office services, recommending transportation (like taxi, limousines, airplanes, boats, etc.), coordinating sign-ins.


Our Conference and Training Rooms Provide all employees with the opportunity to give exceptional presentations to clients, and a stimulating learning environment for trainees with quality custom audio and video Video Teleconferencing Systems: Make reaching employees who do not work in the same office location, or speaking to far away clients by having the right video conference technology to be able to hear and see them seamlessly


Have us print and bind your content for no extra charge. Or use our professional book binder service to make your content vibrant.


Looking for accomodations.  YES!, we will get you the lowest and best possible hotel rates in Jersey City. Tell us what you need and we are on it.


We will be glad to customize and print lanyards for your group. Its easy send us a list and its done


Running a class with a group of strangers? Ask us to print tent cards.  Its easy send us a list and its done


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