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We have elegantly designed Conference Rooms, each equipped with futuristic technologies, so that you could create an awe-inspiring sessions or events. We also have option to customize the conference rooms as per your exact requirement. Book our conference room in NJ and conduct your next conference and meeting session in an exquisite place.


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5 Tips For Planning the Perfect Meetings

Meeting Objectives should be Clear

Setting clear objectives if key to having an effective meeting.  Try converting every agenda item into a meeting objective, here’s how.  Clear objectives are the reason for meeting, ideally the specific meeting objectives should connect obviously to the organisations purpose and strategic objectives.

Well thought through objectives are more than half the work in planning an effective meeting, a clear objective will imply the meeting process, the way participants will engage with the subject at hand.

1. Invest time ahead of the meeting in getting really clear on the meeting objectives.

2. Use the list of good verbs on the objectives method card to make sure you have sharp meeting objectives.

3. Consider circulating the meeting objectives ahead of the meeting, in place of the more traditional ‘agenda’.

Create an Agenda & Stick to it 

Establish Topics: Determine the reason for your meeting and list the topics that must be discussed. Encourage those slated to praticpate in your meeting to communicate topics or items they would like to see included in the agenda. Give them a deadline by which you must receive those suggestions in order to have them included for that particular meeting.

Establish Priorities: Now that you have your preliminary list of items, simply spend some time prioritizing them in order of importance or by deadline dates. Remember, you may not have time to touch on every item on your list, so setting priorities will help you decide which items definitely make it onto the agenda.

Establish Presenters: You may not be presenting on every item or leading each discussion. In fact, a wise leader will allow others to take a share of the leadership role. Award participants for their performance and show them the confidence you have in them to lead. Maybe someone approached you about including a certain agenda item for the meeting. Take that occasion to give them an opportunity to present at the meeting. Bottom line, include on your agenda who is leading what discussion. Assign presenters.

Start and End the Meeting on Time: Arrive Early

Don’t let rogue meetings ruin your day. Tight control over the meetings on your schedule will ensure that they do not take up more time than then was allowed.

Ending meetings on time, every time, not only manages your time, but respects the time of all people involved.

Include all Stakeholders

A meeting is successful when it achieves its objectives and meets or exceeds the expectations of the stake­holders. But who are the stakeholders? Stakeholders are individuals who either care about or have a vested interest in your project. They are the people who are actively involved with the work of the project or have something to either gain or lose as a result of the project.

End Each Topic With Follow Up’s

After the meeting, organize the discussion that took place into clear, measurable and actionable steps. Be sure to indicate who is responsible for each item. Distribute this to all the meeting participants along with the timetable for the project and the deadlines for the items for which they are responsible.

Here at Leadership Strategies, we offer facilitative leadership and meeting facilitation training courses to help your company leaders run focused and productive meetings. We can also assist you with strategic planning or provide you with an experienced and effective project or conference facilitator. No matter what facilitation requirements you may need, call us. We’re here to help.

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