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A movement in contribution changing the way you eat, think & move A movement in contribution changing the way you work at a shared office space

July 21, 2016 By WorkSocial Editorial

I had the great fortune to be a part of Robin Sharma’s Titan Summit last December.  I was in a room with legendary entrepreneurs like Ian Lapotin of the apparel company Spiritual Gangster and leadership gurus like Robin Sharma, Dr. James Rouse and Dr. Greg Wells. The Titan Summit like the name suggests – it is a summit of true Titans.  I mean, Shaquille O’Neill showed up as has Sir Richard Branson.  I hear The Steve Wozniak will be there next year.  Sitting in the presence of such people, my smallness started to take over my existence.  A never ending and unanswered question started to emerge   How am I changing the world? Where am I making a difference?  How is this investment of time and money contributing to the lives of people?  Resolute to make a change, I decided to embark on a journey of contribution and momentum.
A journey that would start a movement of service.  I had a mission create a platform of forward thinking entrepreneurs .  Reduce the pressure and noise of entrepreneurship brings.  Serve the community to create fresh momentum and by doing so I hoped to change the work.
With the Support of my Wife we created WorkSocial | A Happiness Company.


WorkSocial is a platform organized for entrepreneurs, freelancers and startups.  The platform currently offers turn-key office suite at reasonable rates.  What makes WorkSocial unique is that every office is curated for to crate value.  The business is managed by a team of Jersey locals.  WorkSocial follow’s the moniker of 1% moves.  Which improve 1% daily and increase value 1% daily. Create a movement of momentum seekers.
The heart of WorkSocial beats with its underlying mission of reinventing your workday with the way you eat, think & move.  As Natasha Mohan, the founder and ceo, puts it, “we are a company that puts the human mind and body to work; together, in harmony for ultimate results. We do this with healthy eating, healthy thinking and movement.”
Creating a Movement of Healthy Eating
We have curated a menu of high energy, anti-inflammatory and anti-stress foods.  Menus are created with a lot of care, consultation and research.  There is an abundance of hydration options and nutrition choices.  Hydration is a a key momentum builder.  The fridges are re-stocked weekly an array of drinks from bottled water to energy drinks, coffee and tea.  Food areas are filled with recovery and regeneration in mind.
A Movement of Positive Thinking
Today work has little to do with work and a lot to do attitude.  “We uplift people. We weed out the clutter.  Eliminate the mess and deliver workspaces that create a positive atmosphere of abundance”.  From the second you enter WorkSocial your mind is connected to your purpose.  As you walk through the halls we create journey to Savannah.  With meditation music and binaural beats. We have inscriptions and affirmations to serve as reminders of creating a life of love and purpose. The offices suites are uplifting with miniature bonsai trees and jade plants.  Every room is delivered sparkling fresh daily.  We want our community to be proud to invite their clients in.
We have used only the finest furniture from SteelCase and Herman Miller.
A Movement of Physical Movement
Studies have shown that 3:00 PM is the least productive hour of the day.  This was an opportunity for regeneration.  We created a team of regeneration professionals.  Our members to take a break for about 15 to 20 minutes for a guided stretch with team a fitness trainers, tai chi instructor, yoga teacher or meditation coaches.  We also created the 2 Massage protocol, free chair massages for everyone.
Transparency creates momentum
We know that we are not the cheapest shared office provider.  But then, we are NOT just a shared office space provider.  What we don’t have is – hidden or extra charges.  We don’t offer bulk or preferential pricing – everyone pays the same price.  We use our profits to make a large contribution into our clients business.  To keep doing this we have to make a profit.  Our pricing is competitive not crazy but our service motto is to always deliver outrageous value.  Our service is nothing short of World Class and we are just getting started.
WorkSocial is located in the Newport area of Jersey City at:
111 Town Square Place, Jersey City, NJ 07310.

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