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New Venue Spotlight: Work Together at WorkSocial | Northeast

January 10, 2018 By WorkSocial Editorial

WorkSocial Training Room with Fully Fitted Kitchen Facility Accessible

WorkSocial provides an empowering office space for rent.


The rise of shared and open-concept work spaces filled with unconventional furniture and healthy food has been well documented. WorkSocial, which opened in 2015 in Jersey City, takes shared office space to a new level. Founded by Natasha Mohan, WorkSocial strives to create a shared space for its clients that revolves around connecting, creating and growing within their shared building.


Members of WorkSocial rent space on the property for their company’s office space, and gain access to the productive environment that Mohan believes is essential to the human side of business. “Our clients connect daily to a new level [of] happiness, so they can create their own movements of growth,” says Mohan. Members of the WorkSocial building have access to daily healthy food (including vegan-friendly options), networking events and frequent lunch events.


The property, which is full of natural light, has several spaces that can be rented out on a monthly or daily basis. Both training rooms and meeting rooms are available for corporate events. With space for nearly 100 and the option for revenue sharing or certain discounts, the WorkSocial building is a client-centric and empowering place for meetings, trainings or networking.


Post Author: Emma Franke

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