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When is NOW the Time to make schedule your next all hands meeting?

September 13, 2017 By

All Hands Meeting What It Is and Why You (May) Want One

Maybe you’re a company of two; maybe you’re a company of thousands. Regardless of the size, All Hands meetings yield several immediate benefits for any organization that holds them.
I once called into, I got a voicemail message rather than the usual cheerful Zapponian. It was because once a quarter, all of Zappos shuts down and every employee meets off-site for an quarterly All Hands meeting.
Just the act of booking an All Hands meeting sends a powerful message: It says that it is important enough for everyone to attend, and for everyone to step away from work for a few hours to do so. All Hands meetings create a unique space for companies to accomplish many different things.
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  1. Ali to department goals: What is the corporate plan and things that need to get done to meet goals
  2. Clarity and Transparency into results: Use this time to provide more depth and detail about support into results.
  3. Good Old Engagement: Engagement is essential to keep a company growing and reaching for its vision. When employees aren’t recognized, they lose track of their purpose. But in contrast, when wins are celebrated, employees want to win more.
  4. Celebrate Wins and Lessons Learned: When your team experiences a success.  Use the all hands call to recognize these wins.  Take a moment to recognize the wins before you direct the teams toward the next goal.  Do you share a quick “congratulations” or “good job” and then head back into your office?All hands call at meeting space at worksocial
  5. Get people engaged to plan something other than work: Use the day to announce planned initiatives.