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10 Ways to Engage Employees WorkSocial | Hub CoWorking

March 7, 2017 By WorkSocial Editorial

According to Gallup “you should ideally be praising someone at least once a week”
Ever consider why?
Praise is about giving and receiving conscious gratitude.  Taking a moment to recognize a fellow coworker for their greatness will not only grow your greatness but also create brain cell of engagement. Emotional contagion is a dated concept in science. Today it is getting traction because corporate america is getting unhappy or disengaged.  
How do you gauge happiness?
Asking someone if they are happy is one way to do it.  An ineffective way.  But as a box checker manager, you can ask, “are you happy?” Or as a leader you can make fst inferences through the people you trust. For instance get a sense of, how many people go on interviews.  That will tell you they seek novelty.  Inserting opportunities of personal growth inside the day to day increases engagement and drives corporate profitability.
Did you know, engaged employees get more done?
As leaders its is our job to make sure work gets done.  One easy way to achieve this is to get people engaged with praise and variety.  
Here are some other methods to create engagement at work.  

  • Give honest feedback.  Brief but honest
  • Ask for help with something real
  • Give open recognition for work done
  • Create mentorship programs for people to inspire change
  • Engage in wellness and exercise programs with your team
  • Send your staff on leadership training

Call us to learn more about how WorkSocial driving engagement.  Some of our clients have grown 10X in a short period of time.  We started with a dream and our reality is that we love our work.  Everyday our teams wake up to create moments of WOW.  
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