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5 Reasons to Consider Picking Up the Art of CollaborationWorkSocial | Art of CoWorking

May 2, 2017 By

Whether you are a sole entrepreneur or a team of 50, collaboration is vital.
After all, you need a sounding board for your ideas, insight from others, and that valuable outside perspective. Teamwork is not just for employees either. A single entrepreneur can learn plenty just by reaching out and collaborating with those around them.

5 Compelling Reasons to Engage in Collaboration

Regardless of company size, your business needs collaboration to help it grow. If that is not enough, there are more reasons why collaboration is never a wasted opportunity.

1. Successful Companies Collaborate

Collaboration is more than just teamwork. In fact, it is an opportunity to grow from one another’s experiences. Over time, that personal and professional growth result in companywide growth.
Take the company Buffer, for example. They have more than 80 people in 20 various countries all collaborating.

2. Two Heads are Always Better than One

It is an age-old saying, but a true one at that. When you collaborate with others, you are more efficient at problem-solving. Why? Because you combine your resources, including experience, infrastructure, and talents. Leveraging those together helps you unlock better solutions to your problems — no matter how big or small they might be.
That is why social organizations tend to thrive in the business sector. In fact, 97 percent of employees and executives agree that a lack of collaboration and alignment can dramatically impact a task or project’s outcome — and not for the better.

3. Reducing Tunnel Vision

When working on a project, you become attached. You might only see one path to take, but when you collaborate with another, a new path emerges.
Your tunnel vision interferes with your ability to execute a successful project. You might have limitations to your expertise that prevent you from thinking out of the box. Alternatively, you might have misallocated priorities.
Regardless, collaborating with someone outside of the project might reveal that tunnel vision and help you break the barriers so that you can attack your problem from a different angle.

4. Scaling Your Business to Suit Demands at the Time

There might come a time you have a to-do list that is more than overwhelming. The good news is that you can collaborate with others to churn out those amazing products without having to add to your staff. You might get outside assistance from a network party that offers their support during the busy time.
Also, using collaborative tools between you and existing team members can streamline certain processes, such as adding outside collaborative parties, organization systems, and better sharing apps.

5. Endless Opportunities to Learn Something and Then Some

The biggest benefit to collaboration is the learning opportunities you have set before you. When you collaborate with others, you are continuing your education, seeking new opportunities, and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.

What Have We Learned?

Bottom line, if you want your business to grow, you need collaboration.
Collaboration is key. Coworking spaces, like WorkSocial, offers flexible open shared desks that can help you foster new ideas, grow your business and expand your network without leaving the office.
Dedicated desks are now available for you at WorkSocial. What are you waiting for?


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