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9 Reasons to Train New Employees at WorkSocial

August 5, 2018 By WorkSocial Editorial

It’s important to train new employees well so they can quickly become competent members of the workplace. It can be difficult to organize, conduct, and manage training sessions completely in-house; moving staff members around, finding space for trainees, and making sure you’re accommodating everyone often takes a considerable amount of your time and money — only to realize that no internal training program can reach the level of quality you desire and no end-to-end alternatives exist.
This is where WorkSocial comes in. We provide all of the space and tools necessary for you to have an effective training session that takes care of all of your business’ and attendees’ needs. Here are nine reasons why you should choose WorkSocial for your next training seminar:

Why Our Location?

Why should you choose our facility? Because training new employees here will give them confidence that your company is one that takes care of its staff. They’ll be immediately impressed by our fully-furnished meeting rooms that can fit up to 40 people and come complete with the latest in presentation technology. Attendees can also admire the scenic view of the New York City skyline that our Jersey City location provides.

Why Use Presentation Tools?

How important is a good presentation? Very. Delivering a strong presentation is the best way to encourage new employees to take an active role in their training. We provide you with exactly what you need to do just that. From easy-to-use projectors to spotless whiteboards, we provide tools fit for any presentation style. Three 65-inch LCD Televisions per room, wireless presentation technology, high-definition projector screens, and a full AV system allow you to keep your attendees on the edge of their seats. Or if you prefer a more hands-on approach (such as a team brainstorming session), our simple, but elegant, whiteboard wall has you covered.

The Importance of Snacks

We stock all of our meeting rooms with healthy snacks. Water, tea, and coffee are also provided and our private kitchen is available if you want to bring your own food. Why do we do this? Because multiple studies have found that there is a direct relationship between mental effort and the brain’s supply of glucose. During a training session, it’s important to keep everyone energized with foods and drinks that replenish glucose so they can remain engaged for the duration of the seminar.

The Catering Service Advantage

We also offer catering upon request. This includes a lunch buffet option that may be ideal if you’re conducting training for a large group. What’s the advantage of catering? It’s simple: Having your employees’ meal catered will save you time and our bulk prices will save you money.

Are Your New Employees Looking for a Hotel?

Are you a large company with employees that are traveling in order to attend your session? We will happily find them nearby hotel rooms at the lowest possible rates. Our concierge knows the area well and should have no problem setting your new employees up with a comfortable place to spend the night.

Your Internet Needs Fulfilled

Are you using resources from the web during your presentation, communicating with your company during the training, or planning to double-check that a link works before the new hires arrive? Our wireless internet has you covered. We provide private Wi-Fi that is set up to ensure that as many as 100 guests are able to maintain a stable connection to the internet; this should be more than enough to meet any of your — or your employees’ — virtual needs.

Details Taken Care of

Do you want your seminar to be well-organized with plenty of informational content available to attendees? If you need name tags, binders, or any other materials ready for your training session we can print and distribute them for you. Just provide us with any necessary information and our staff members will be happy to do the busywork so your meeting can go off without a hitch.

How Flexible is WorkSocial?

Are the right location, tools, and amenities not enough for your training seminar to perfectly meet your needs? Maybe you need extra chairs or want the meeting room decorated? If you let us know ahead of time, there’s almost no task that we aren’t up to. WorkSocial takes pride in going above and beyond to satisfy our clients.

How Easy is it to Set up?

Are you concerned about spending hours filling out forms before you can schedule your seminar? No need to worry. We’ve made sure that it’s easy for you to book one of our training rooms. All you need to know is when you want the session to happen and how many employees you plan to train. You can also take a tour if you’d like to have an in-depth look at what we offer before you make any commitments.
If there’s anything you’re still curious about, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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