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Remote Work: Awesome Benefits of Businesses Having a Remote Office

November 11, 2017 By WorkSocial Editorial

The face of traditional businesses is changing. Not only has the typical workweek changed, but the workplace is evolving as well!
With the advent of high-speed internet connections, Skype, and online conferencing, the rush to be sitting in an office eight to ten hours a day has diminished. The five-day commute is also dwindling as people realize they can do their jobs quite effectively outside of a traditional office setting. Entrepreneurs and small business owners find the luxury of doing their jobs in whatever way suits them and their customers with many working right out of their homes.
However, this can get a bit tricky as the business grows. The current trend toward remote work and telework is gaining traction. In fact, 80 % of the workforce said they would like to telework at some point. Business owners may wonder if there is anything to be gained by having a remote office.

Five benefits of having a remote office for your business:

Offering Remote Work Gives You Credibility

Operating a business sometimes calls for a greater degree of credibility among certain people. It may be you’re trying to gain a contract for a job. You know your skills and service are topnotch, but a corporate address and receptionist service seal the deal for you. It lends some credibility to your name. In a world of competition, you need every inch of recognition you can get.

Remote Work Means Better Amenities

When you secure a remote work environment with a virtual office, you have the added benefit of amenities. Free high-speed WiFi, healthy drinks and snacks, and all the printing you need are just a few of the amenities that come with a remote office. These amenities add up, saving you many dollars every month and providing you and your customers with a high-class experience.

Remote Work Offers More Space

Maybe you’ve thought about renting out an office building so that you can have the space you and your crew need for the quarterly meeting. Or maybe you need more regular meetings with not only employees but customers, too. That’s a good sign! It means your business is expanding.
A remote office allows you the flexibility to meet with customers in an office setting so that you maintain the level of professionalism that’s necessary. A remote office has all the furnishings you will need for a meeting that is both comfortable and professional.

Remote Work Increases Efficiency

A business that operates more efficiently will have a greater bottom line. Your email service, domain management, and website page creation and hosting will all be more efficient. In turn, you can focus on marketing and selling your services, meeting with clients in your new remote office, and collecting the money you earn. Your entire office will run more smoothly with the aid of virtual office assistants and that means you are free to pursue other projects.

Remote Work Creates Savings

Remote offices come with several services you may not have realized. You will have access to a fax machine, phone service, lobby listing, accounting services, and more. The services you obtain are equivalent to another part-time employee doing basic office work but for not nearly the cost.


Businesses gain many benefits from finding a remote workspace and virtual office. Money is saved through more efficient practices and by having office space just when you need it instead of paying year round. A credible corporate name, plenty of space to stretch out, and amenities to go along with it all ensures you attract the best clients to your growing business.
Worksocial offers a space where people can come together, collaborate, work, and hold meetings. Jillian, a customer is quoted as saying,

“Worksocial has a variety of workspace options in their brand new energized, bright shared office space with beautiful city views. It is an atmosphere where I can connect and collaborate with others or work in an office when I need privacy.”

The conference rooms are convenient and able to meet your technological needs. If you are beginning to outgrow your home business and desire all the amenities of a staffed office without the price tag, then we have just what you need. To get started, simply contact Worksocial today to schedule a tour!

The unexpected realized benefits of coworking at WorkSocial

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