WorkSocial the only way of renting office space in Jersey City

Shared office space for rent jersey city
WorkSocial the only way of renting office space in Jersey City

Shared office space company signs lease at Jersey City waterfront property

WorkSocial, a company that offers businesses both shared and private office space, has signed a lease for approximately 6,200 square feet of space at 111 Town Square Plaza in Jersey City. WorkSocial is founded on the purpose of bringing Happiness back to work.  Natasha Mohan, the founder says, everyday “I see my neighbors and husband ride the train to work on a desk at their offices.”  The truth is that most companies don’t have dedicated office space for their employees so riding a desk 45 minutes away from home just seemed like a bad use of energy.  

WorkSocials  first client was a large consulting for that needed drop-in space for a team working at their client across the street from WorkSocial.  There are jobs that require people to be in the office but in the Connection Economy all you need is a secure office space that provides the needed amenities such as clean internet, drinks, snacks etc.”

As shared office space become an increasingly popular option for businesses, our landlord loved adding more than 6,000 square feet of coworking space.  WorkSocial, offers private offices and dynamic shared space.

We have been in business for 2 years now and today I am as resolute to bring happiness back to our community than before.

September 24, 2017

Today I spent entire day a Sunday redesigning one of the office suites.  It was a private executive suite used by the CEO of a fortune 1000 company.  My dream is to make this space an office share for a team of high energy software developers.  We already have been approached by a few companies so I am optimistic about making a difference in the lives of another company. 

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