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Road Warriors Thrive at WorkSocial Jersey City Office Space

March 14, 2017 By WorkSocial Editorial

I work as a consultant at one of the world’s largest consulting firms.  Typically I work from…everywhere.  In this role the biggest challenges I have faced are:

  1. Working in a distributed workforce
  2. Travel and working from client sites
  3. Regular exercise and staying in shape
  4. No real office

I am going give some suggestions on how I have dealt with these challenges.  I am in a leadership role that keeps me on the road for clients, internal meetings, strategy, and family.  The advantage is that I get to travel a ton,  collecting hotel and travel reward points for my family to enjoy.  The downside is that I am dealing with either seasoned or unseasoned road warriors.
So while I get to go from office to office making a difference in my client’s lives, I used to spend a ton of time planning my days.  And then one cancellation or a fire drill would screw up my BHAGS.  The various projects start to collide with each other and I start to mix them up.  The level of subject matter depth may cause project delivery issues. Scheduling and travel is not always easy. Not everyone can be where I am.
Here are some hacks I have implemented: Use a personal task management application: Then take the task and block time on your office calendar to get it done. So the road warriors of your world know you are not available. Send it straight through the finish line, not the next step. Own your calendar, respect your own schedule and commit to making it transparent.  
Chuck your day into tasks:  Task management applications that I have seen people use are:

    1. Basecamp
    2. Asana
    3. Outlook Tasks
    4. Excel

Develop a Golden Hour for the Morning:  My Mentor Robin Sharma has taught me this.  I wake up early every morning.  I spend time exercising, journaling, writing gratitude, add to my task list. Review my 5 year, 5 Months and 5 day goals.
Spend 90 Minutes on a Major Pursuit:  This will avoid bench time when your project ends, or is placed on pause.
Leverage: Find an admin. Try is an awesome way to reduce admin task.
Create a Hotel Room and Hotel Gym Exercise Program: Invest in balance bands and a yoga mat.  Travel with a large suitcase and start checking in your luggage. Use your balance bands and yoga mat for your morning or nightly exercise. Try to exercise 2 times a day.
Plan your meals:  Find healthy food options and plan your meals.  Increase the intake of fruits, vegetables, and water,  I practice deliberate hyperhydration.  Which is I will buy a case of water bottles on my way to the hotel from a grocery store.
Join a CoWorking Space: WorkSocial is home for several consultants.
Book your time for CoWorking: Try booking your time in advance on Sunday and True up on the next Sunday.  This may not work for everyone.
Reduce Admin time by Delegating: Understand the support system your company has to offer and take advantage of it.  Or Hire an admin at your own cost to free your time.
Look forward to your comments.

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