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Robot Gets Citizenship, Robo Surgeons and China’s Algorithms

November 4, 2017 By WorkSocial Editorial

Happy middle of the week, Algorology subscriber!
This week has been crazy, from machines getting citizenship to beating human surgeons.

Saudi Arabia grants citizenship to a female robot ?

A non-human woman named Sophia has become a citizen of SA, making it the first country to grant a robot the right to citizenship.
Crazy? Huh
Elon Musk immediately replied to this:
“Just feed it The Godfather movies as input. What’s the worst that could happen?”
Obviously, he isn’t fooled by Sophia’s delicate features, fully expecting her to go the Skynet route and murder everyone.
But what does this mean in a legal way? Is a robot now a fully participating member of society?
Can I sue Sophia?
Does she have the same rights as me?
Can Sophia go to jail for killing someone?
Can Sophia sue creators for being abusive?
Can she sue me? Can she sue you? ?
I don’t think I’m ready for this mentally. This is too damn fast.
What do you think?
Would love to get some lawyers in the thread here too, tag a colleague if relevant.

Autonomous Robot surgeon beats human surgeons ?‍⚕️

Imagine that you’re on the operating table, waiting for surgeons to cut a tumor out of your flesh.
You want their cuts to be as precise and accurate as possible.
Leaving behind no tumor fragments that might cause the cancer to recur, yet also not removing too much healthy tissue ?
Rather than an expert human surgeon, you might want the Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot (STAR) hovering over you.
In a recent set of experiments, STAR’s inventors showed that it makes more precise cuts than expert surgeons, and damages less of the surrounding flesh.
This is huge.
The researchers presented their results at the recent robotics conference IROS 2017.
“I really believe that this is the future of surgery,” says study coauthor Axel Krieger , an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Maryland.
Krieger says the next step is to train STAR to deal with tumors that have complex 3D shapes, which will require new cameras for visual tracking and more sophisticated surgical planning software.
I’m super excited about the future of healthcare and its advances.
Though a bit scared of robots cutting my flesh ?
Are you? Check out the discussion here:

China’s Algorithmic Big Brother is Watching ?

They didn’t let me board a plane
I was considered “untrustworthy” and government refused my right to travel. As a low-rating citizen I couldn’t do many things I used to.
I couldn’t reserve a table at my favorite restaurant.
I couldn’t enroll my kids in high-paying private schools.
I couldn’t even upgrade my internet speed.
The algorithms determined my low score based on my online/offline activity & social circle of my low score friends.
Sounds like a futuristic Big Brother out of control?
No, it’s already a reality in China, where the government is using Social Credit System to rate the trustworthiness of billions.
The government is using it as a way to measure and enhance trust and to build a culture of sincerity.
Participating is voluntary for now. But by 2020 it will be mandatory. The behavior of every single citizen will be tracked/scored.
While this is a scary & radical implementation of the algorithmic monitoring, it actually gives us a glimpse into the future of our society.
We will be soon perceived as data points monitored, assisted and guided by algorithms.
How do we make this process as transparent as possible? To prevent an algorithmic chaos with data bias and errors.
Join discussion here.
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